New here - whats your story?


Hi everyone, i’ve played Generation Zero ever since it has come out. In fact I pre-paid to get it XD. But this is the first time i am joining this community. I should have a lot sooner lol but what can you do if you are not that smart.
But in general I have to say this. I absolutely love the game and the whole concept behind this, I think it is one of the best games ever created. The robots have excellent characteristics and even the most annoying ones - the Apocalypse Ticks are just adorable, don’t you think?
I am also a youtuber and Generation Zero has been part of the repertoire for a long time now, a lot of people love it and others … well they give me a lot of abuse because they do not like the game. I don’t know how my ability to make videos directly translates to the creation of a game but, hey I suppose there’s a reason there somewhere i guess. But furthermore quite few people openly ask me solutions for all sorts of bugs etc. So I have spent numerous hours in creating and deleting characters, deleting and reinstalling the game, even on different drives, played it through many times. I can’t say I get a solution for everything, but at least I try my best and enjoy everything I do. It’s almost like there’s a focal error there somewhere that as soon as one is fixed, another problem appears. And after all of that, I must say I love the game even more.
I personally find the errors kind of add to the game.
At first when the game launched, it was so so exciting. You never knew what could jump through the walls and kill you. It was like a form of a scary game. You’re terrified for your life, you plan your actions, you are just about to finalise those actions when a Hunter jumps through a wall and kills you. Bam, just like that. Or failing that, sitting at the corner of a church blasting bullets at your direction XD.
This was fixed in summer I believe and then it became more of a normal game with other issues.
The best one though, that made me laugh the most, was the Halloween update.
Omg I just loved chasing those Tanks and Harvesters on my own just to get those pieces of Halloween costumes. So much so I ran out of all ammo and could not be bothered to go and find some more. So I logged out, and this is where the fun bit starts. The next day I try logging in, my character doesn’t have sleeves. In fact, she doesn’t have the whole jacket. And when i tried to log in the game, all I could see is a black screen and hear the machines roaming around. Logging in with the other character was good, nothing special. So the problem was that the game didn’t acknowledge that particular outfit. And that lasted until the next update in December. So I couldn’t log into a game a whole month. So I had a whole month of good laugh over the fact that i could not log into the game that I love.
So anyway, that is my story. What is yours? Tell me some funny or exciting things that happened to you in Generation Zero. It’s soon a whole year since the launch so I am sure you have some exciting stories to tell!


About once a week, I’ll see the upper half of a hunter flying through the air like a piece of garbage in space. It freaks me out everytime because I think they finally added a new enemy and I just wasn’t paying attention when it updated. :joy:


Hi @iroxannelady and good to have you here. What a wonderful positive attitude you have to the bugs that have bothered quite a few here. You are an example to us all. :smile::+1:

There are a lot of fine threads here describing us players experiences in GZ ranging from epic fights, nice sunsets in the beautiful world of Östertörn, things we would like to change or add to the game, and not to forget … humorous Incidents. A good place to start.


@IanForce there are a lot of suggestions I could give should there be a Generation Zero 2 or if you wish Generation One either would be great to avoid future issues like this.
I do believe that Generation Zero just happened to get a bad start, that’s all.
And all of these perfectionist youtubers haven’t helped either.
This doesn’t make the game bad. Quite the opposite. the machines, although limited selection, are the excellent enemies. The aim and a gun control are perfect, there’s no dilly-dally deliberate delay there to give you the real feel, which never works anyway, so do not thinking of adding it. The landscape is just gorgeous. I have never been to Sweden, but originally from Estonia I have been to Finland many times. So i know the nature is just beautiful. So there is just so much to love there. And a bug here and error there … as I said, if you look the right way, its more amusing than anything.
Keep on doing the great job! I will support it with the videos when I can!

Oh and @anon99046371 that IS funny! XD


Then this is the right place to drop them. Create a thread with the “Feedback/feature request” and one of the developers will surely read it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Prepaid? You must be another pc player lol. Seems us console peeps are few on forum


While most of the player base is from Sweden, there are some Finns as well and you’re the 2nd Estonian who i’ve met within GZ (either in-game or in community). Speaking of that: Tervitused Eestist! :grin:


@Aesyle Jee Tervitused! :hugs:


@WarpigX9 nope, I’m a PS4 user. I pre-Oredered that game about a year ago :slight_smile:


Hello dude!Good to see you there;))


My story is similar:

Saw Beta gameplay on Youtube and i liked the conspiracy themed story (similar to Deus Ex) and that the ammo is very plentiful. So, a week after launch, bought GZ and started playing it.

Since i like solo play, i played GZ solely and strictly in SP. It was challenging and i loved it. After i finished main vanilla story, i started to look into MP, helping out new players with my knowledge and expertise with the GZ.
And that’s about it. Further info about me (and others) in GZ are readable from these topics: What is your skill build? and Post loadouts here .


Same as Aesyle I playing since Beta times and really enjoy GZ,trying to help new players with advice and sometimes with items;)))I am X box One X player and originally from Latvia.I really happy to be part of this forum community and say welcome to you;))