New Island videos rumours!

I don’t know if this is old news , two comments by two different YouTubers, not naming ,one saying no more major DLC for Gen Z , and the obvious new video, I didn’t watch the new island video as was hoping devs would do this properly, and to be honest I have to have the volume off !
Any news on this Devs or anyone as we all wanted it , or is this the end for big updates !

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I don’t know.
Not sure, what their plans are.
Maybe we hear more around the next update.
A roadmap for 2023 would be nice, of course.

The only video I’ve seen is one showing a mod (pc only) which allows you to get your feet on the other islands (without getting thrown back to the main isle).

But they’re empty. Just the known beautiful landscape.


Thanks for reply , yes it would be great to have a hint at what’s ahead, there are so many possibilities with this game.
I hope it’s not discarded in the future, it still has something very different✌️


@broken_insect289 @Madchaser There are a few long tunnels in one of the islands if they did not change them since 2020/2021.

It would be great if we could finally have the legendary “island DLC”, we can always hope for it.


Yeah it would , maybe GenZ if it has a future now could be on a new engine too :v: