New Machine Class Concept

So, something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while is how easy and repetitive the game gets. I’ve been playing for a while now and the biggest problem I have is that I can’t find a good challenge. While Reapers and Level 4 rival tanks can sometimes be difficult on guerilla mode, it’s more tedious and time consuming than anything. If I die, I can just respawn in a nearby safe house and continue picking away at it. For pretty much every machine, there is some saw to cheese it. And there are hundreds of different strategies that make even the apocalypse machines an easy kill. Nothing fun anymore because nothings hard. I just run around looking for big machines without a care in the world. If I see a machine, I kill it. It shouldn’t be that way. I should actually have to strategize and not be able to just run in and start blasting. That’s where my idea comes in.


I want it to be something truly horrifying. Something that even the most experienced players would fear. A machine class that would mean that running often was the best option. Where it’s horrifying, glitchy, metallic, screeches would send shivers down the spines of everything that breathed. I want it to be challenging in a way where even if you had maxed out your skills, it just wouldn’t be enough. You’d need to actually come up with a real battle plan. You’d have to spend time studying the surrounding landscape, looking for any spot you could use to your advantage. You’d actually need to think and strategize to have a chance of winning.

As for the color palette, I think it could be a black body like the fnix machines, but darker. It would also have glowing spots on it like the apocalypse machines. But rather than green, I’m thinking purple, for 2 reasons. To me, red never really represented evil, but rather chaos or disruption. It represents fire, unorder, and blood. Red simply represents YOUR enemy. Purple however is the enemy of ALL good. It represents true evil, corruption, fear, and death. Like a parasite that latches on to you and feeds off of your fear, agony, and mental anguish. It has no goal or personal morals. It only exist to cause pain and suffering for everything. The second reason I like purple is the same reason I love the glowing green of the apocalypse machines. When you see the normal white, yellow, and red lights, it could be anything. Maybe a machine or a street lamp. Perhaps a town off in the distance or perhaps the fire of a burning car. It isn’t always a bad thing. But with the toxic green of the apocalypse machines or the dark and sinister purple of the scarecrows, there is no question. You know exactly what you’re seeing. The green or purple can only mean one thing… death. You would be scared of the lights themselves.

The machines could use lightning as a main weapon. They’d have special armour/electronics that would make them less susceptible to EMPs and they could also have lightning throwers. When hit, you would not only take damage, but there would be a chance that your stamina would completely drain. The shock would take your breath away and you would have to walk until the effect wore off. As for the bigger tank, I like the idea that there would be a small chance that the lightning thrower would instantly kill you in a single bolt, as it stopped your heart entirely.

Why this would be challenging, it wouldn’t fix the issue of the player being able to respawn again and again till he or she won. This is where I think we could use the upper right island. Similar to himfjell island and the apocalypses, it would be mostly overrun by this specific class. You would still find some on the main, non-dlc island, but the majority would be here. There would be few safe houses so you couldn’t just keep respawning and coming back. I imagine this island would come in a dlc but I don’t really care.

I called them SCARECROW because that is exactly what they’d be. They’d watch over their field, ready to exterminate anything that dares to take it’s precious crop. Perhaps FNIX could have something important here that he needed to make sure was safe. So he “built a scarecrow” to scare away any pest that might be foolish enough to try and walk upon it’s territory.

I understand that this machine may seem like a bit much, but that’s the point. I want to genuinely FEAR these things. I can’t find any excitement in the other classes. Everythings just rinse and repeat. By now, all my strategies are instinct and I don’t even have to think about it. I want to really have to struggle with these ones. I want it so that even if I have the best weapons and a maxed out skill set, the machines will always be stronger than me. But maybe it’s just me.

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I know what you mean.
Of course it’s somehow satisfying to walk around and pulverize everything, but on the other hand it feels unreal and not challenging.

There could be different ways to get the fear back. Maybe another machine is one way, maybe not. Often, if you once found a strategy that works, it’s just the same again and again.
If the devs could prevent this, we would have a constant challenge… Somehow.

We are swedish, not americans.


Forgot about the Sweden thing, lmao. Fixed it.