New Machine Idea: ABODE

A large seeker looking machine that has the capacity to hold and deploy a limited amount of (4) Runners. Like their seeker counterparts it would have no offensive capabilities and would possess the ability to alert nearby machines of your presence. It would also be more challenging due to its increased health point amount compared to the seeker. What do you think of this idea?


being so much bigger than a common seeker, it would probably lure in other bots from a much greater distance. i don’t like it

meaning i like the idea but would hate for it to find me

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We may have to adjust (decrease) its detection capabilities if this is the case.

Actually no.

The more robots the merrier, I say.

But then, I am a masochist. XD

why stop at runners? could be transporting hunters, ticks or more seekers. it would probably only carry 2 hunters but could have a higher number of ticks or seekers.

Damn, I want a flying Tank dropper!!!
Not even joking.

That would amazingly terrifying. I also don’t have a design or dimensional data for this machine so I don’t know how practical it would actually be. The reason I didn’t want a Hunter deploying machine is because I didn’t want it to be to massive to the point that it may have major collision issues. Nevertheless I’m still open to the idea so long as the size of the machine is relatively compacted.

I’m referencing the ABODE in the comment above not the Tank dropper.

Well actually the first sentence is about the Tank dropper then the ADOBE afterwards till the end.

I could so see a flying platform on which 10 tanks hang…
Ready to be dropped atop of you.

I foresee trouble… XD

These is a point where we have to draw a line on what is balanced if we have idealistic geniuses like you becoming so ambitious. :wink:

I’ve always been a troublemaker. XD

Sue me… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The sheer terror a bot that size would evoke OMG. Imagine:

  • you’re running through a field when all of a sudden you notice high up in the sky a large metal object. As it approaches your enemy indicator flashes white, then yellow, then red. By now the machine is close enough that you can see that it is actually two machines, a tank, and a very large tank-carrier. The carrier descends to within firing distance, but before you can get off a shot with your AR (underpowered for a bot of this caliber anyways), the tank detaches from it’s suspension cables, and free falls for a second before hitting the ground with an earth shattering thud. The carrier flies away, and you are immediately killed by the tank.
    I would hate to see this in-game, but love the idea!
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You would see a stip high up there…
Then more stips…
These begin to grow RAPIDLY.
The next thing that crosses your mind is: “The hell???”
Your awareness befins to flash red, very red… to purple…
And then 6 simultaneous impacts!!!
The ground shakes violently, and you struggle to stay on your feet.
The sounds are overwhelming…
Dust starts to settle, lasers piercing through it, lasers that you know are enemy sensors trying to get you in their sights…

What do you do, as slowly the Tanks start to show up in the settling dust…

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I like this idea, maybe it could deliver the robots in a red crate like the ones you see on the land that are filled with Runners.


Actually that’s a great idea. Cheers! :wink: