New Machine Idea: WARDEN

A Hunter like styled machine that is more centred around defence (Possessing a bullet proof shield the covers most of it’s body as well as having a higher amount of health points) at the expense of good offense by using weapons like the sub machine guns and automatic shotguns that Runners use. What do you think of this proposal?


I wouldn’t want to face them in a group. maybe if they travel with hunters, limit one warden to a pack:thinking:

Or they could be one in a set group of up to 4 (with 3 other Hunters).


IMO, if they have shields, they should have lower armor. Maybe it’d be a Counter-Strike thing, where they need to lower their shield to be able to fire?

That or they just have crappier weapons.

Just like how the Hunters have attack move sets with their blades, the Warden could perform a shield bash and or shield charge from short distances.

Possibly mortar weapons it can use while hiding behind the shield?

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