New machine suggestion, Cloaker

This new machine would be called cloaker and could go invisible, not like invisible invisible, more like chamoleon…

-Its only active at night
-It can go invisible like chamoleon
-It would have 1 eye that looks like some random light in the distance
-it could detect player from 300meters and would send a signal to all nearby cloakers to go to your location
-the machine would stop moving whanever a player looks at it (if its eye is turned on)
-Whan the cloaker pack gets 100meters close to the player they would turn off their light and try to surround the player
-Whan the player is surrounded and machines are 50meters close they would turn on their light again and it would be flashing red, than the machines would stare at a player for 3 seconds and start shooting. (Still invisible, you can only see light)
-Only whan the player shoots at the machine does it beacome visible however it could beacome invisible again unless you damage a component (not destroy, just damage) responsible for being invisible.
-It could be very easly destroyed.
-It makes no noise.

Oh and also thermal vision would make them visible

Sounds like a series with Arnold :smile: