New machine: the huming bird

Now that the dark skies update is out and the new fierce machine of the skies the firebird has released with it, the possibility for air machines have expanded.
In this I will be showing a new possible machine that relates to my other 2 I’ve shown, the hornet and dragonfly, I present the humming bird.

This soviet flying machine gets its name from the humming of its engines and its fast speed, Unlike its slow firebird cousin. It also has more fire power with dual autocannon turrets, which can pick there own targets almost like turrets. This unique design gives it the ability to attack multiple targets, along with being able to see multiple directions to see approaching enemies like a humming bird. It would have less armour and be a tad smaller then the firebird but agian makes up with speed.
That is my idea on a new machine, please do tell me ways on how this could be improved.


I thought it was cool, but where did you create the project?

Just click on the Screenshot. the Filename says all: prisma3d

Thanks, i Will create New robot for us

Good idea. Cook up another smaller “swarm” type that this or the firebird can “fire” similar to how the firebird drops gas and mines now. Call em hornets or name them after some other “swarming” creature. (Locusts could be sweet too) Be a sweet “ammo” for em to fire a cloud of seeking bots hehe…no flamethrower could get ya killed.

Just make it a “FNIX” machine, we already have a flying Soviet Unit, now we need a Fnix flying machine.

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You said the thing. I was just going to come here and say we need a FNIX flier, not another Soviet one. I like the idea of the small swarm of mini-drones that harass the players. It would be more interesting than another huge machine.

The design is ugly, though. Do not want. No offense, that’s just my opinion of the images. Bleh. They don’t fit the aesthetic of either side.

I say swarm only cuz it’s something that present drone shows utilize and it’s the way I’d imagine these guys would really get us. Not tanks or hunters but a huge swarm of ticks or flying versions of them that hit like “face huggers” to capture, or are armed if sent to exterminate. I’m not a 3d rendering guy so I’m not going to venture any models. Just an idea guy :rofl:

Although “FNIX” should already have flying machines, because hunters and runners fall from the sky when a base or a machine requests them.

That’s still a great mysterium… Or just an unexplained gameplay mechanic.

I’d say they come from the MIR.

The swarm Thing sounds interesting, but could be a great challenge for the devs and the engine.
What about calling them “mosquito”, if speaking of a flying Tick?


If it’s a flying tick, I’d think about calling it a Roach, because everyone is very surprised when they learn roaches can fly. Plus everyone will want to kill it fast. No one likes Roaches.

But roaches don’t suck (your blood). :crazy_face:

Or what about “grasshopper”?
Sounds harmless, maybe even cute, until they come in hordes like a biblic plague and eat everything around you…and maybe even you?

Fun Fact: Roaches will eat anything and everything. Sucking blood? Maybe not, but they’ll eat your blood nonetheless. Sweet dreams.

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