New Machine Types - Idea

I’ve been pondering the current Machine types/variants and after some time, started thinking about what could come next. Here are my thoughts:

Mula (Mule) - A machine based off the Runner. Slower speed with larger legs, but carries a large ammo container on its back. It was developed to allow for quick, mobile resupply for troops. It will often be accompanied by Runners or Hunters as escort. Its only defense is a large audible horn to call for help, or maybe a small concussion rifle that can knock players down. Loot could consist of ammunition (all types), explosives, and weapon parts.

Plattform (Platform) - Basically a giant mobile weapons platform, that also acts as an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). It will have six legs, thus a slow movement speed, but will be VERY heavily armed and armoured. Its belly area will consist of a large container that can house up to six runners, or three hunters, or a myriad “swarm” of Ticks. It would be considered more end-game, as it would be very difficult to take down, and its armaments wouls pose a serious threat.

Just a thought, but I felt like they’d be interesting additions. Let me know your thoughts.


I like your idea of the Mule but in a different way.
I’m thinking about an skill like the Hacking skill that allows the player to reprogramm a runner.
The runners gun and its melee attack doesn’t work anymore but it is able to track and follow you.
This way you can place a few backpacks on it and use it as a mule for extended inventory space. Like in Dungeon Siege, if somebody knows that game XD.
The machine version could look like this:

Since it is still a machine, the other machines would not recognice it as a threat and therefor not attack it. During a fight it could automaticly hide somewhere.
Maybe we could give the mule orders to stay in one place, follow us or go to a certain location.
To avoid problems in buildings it could basicly just stop in front of the entrance and wait for you.
I can see problems if you for example go in an bunker on one side and exit on the other side. Then the Mule could easily get stuck somewhere. To avoid this the devs could programm that it would teleport to you, but outside of your line of sight. Similar like the horse in Witcher 3. If you call it, it teleports near you and walks the last meters to you over the hill. You would get the feeling that it tracked your position constantly and walked around the bunker.

Thinking of a scout type to. One that flies (since there is only 1 flyer right now)
I was thinking like a bird.

Something like this I am thinking.

I am also thinking of hopefully you guy could add a mech. Like a near end game “weapon” that you can drive or operate. Something like the tank but man operated.
Just an idea

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