New machines and where to start

Now before I start I want to say this is my opinion and some of my ideas will be based off of current theory.

So I want to start of by saying that adding a new machine out of the blue would be… Ultimately boring. The machine reveal of course would not but I think its introduction should be apart of the lore itself. Currently we don’t have all the lore pieces but something that fits In with maybe what the machines Lack.

Example. The Russians decide to finally help without thinking twice and make their own machines these are less advanced and are not neurologically connected to mercenary. Ulmer being the supercomputer easily gains control over them and manufactures them himself.

Another would be a map change and machine update. Imagine that the map changes to convey the Swedish army trying to take down a heavily guarded FOA base. Machines start to lose and then they release the ‘new ones’. Then as you could tell the Swedish military back off.

This would not only add to the visual story telling but also to content. A massacred farmland area with bomb craters and fallen tanks and the ad of a brand new machine.

What I’m trying to convey is something more interesting (like apocalypse machines) could be done for adding new machines.

Thankyou for reading feel free to ask or talk about this in the comments.


I love this idea, awesome!

This comes with one problem: Ulmer would not make lesser stuff, since obviously it is… lesser.
No intelligence would use resources on lesser stuff…

Here I need to say: machines are superior to humans.
Naturally, they are not unkillable, but still, think about this: the army was obliterated, everyone was evacced.
Seeing like 10 machines on the land which were taken out, and the MANY tanks and soldiers?
This would state that that is a given fact?

On top: machines are extremely flawed at the current time.
Their nAI (non-AI) needs a heavy overhaul, which was said, will come ‘soon™’.

Further more: this game’s most iconic part was the lack of NPC…
Would be sad even more were added…


Yes I see your points and thankyou for pointing out plot holes in this. I didn’t really think about it and now come to think of it Ulmer wouldn’t create machines that are lesser I definetly rushed this a bit.

It is a darn good, and more, LOGICAL idea.
But it could use a tweak.

How about a new site where unknown machines are pwnzorring a massive heap of folks, basically giving us a true slaughter, and in said base we find information once the machines cleared out.
This would even add to the sheer menace the machines are supposed to be?
Gruelling, uncompromising, unstoppable terror…? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a really good idea

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Why thank you, much appreciated.

This was a simple idea, we can do so much, really.
Hell, we could have an alien mothership in space that controls Ulmer and thus our machines, prepping an invasion or even human extinction before they start to teraform our planet.
Before launching their own machines, they used ours against us, since well, available, while they prep to launch THEIR alien machines against us.

This might bring new weapons, body armour, more advanced machines, better looking machines, new tech, you name it.
Throwing aliens in would increase potential exponentially.

Of course!!!
Question is, is this something Avalanche is interested in.

As I do not know their vision, I am so extremely limited in ideas.
If only I knew, I could give billions of ideas…
But… they keep silent, so yeah, they actively keep me out of the loop, preventing me from ‘spamming’ ideas…


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