More new machines?

Only a dev can answer that and i’m not so sure that this kind of information is allowed to be disclosed.

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Oh, so true!!!
Now, this was an open question, miss!
I did not mean to actually get an answer in such regard, but there are a few people here that know a thing or two of coding…
Maybe they had some input, I mean, they could not be entirely wrong, I think.
Sure, they do not know the code of the engine, but I assume, they can make up somewhat, based on the general experience of the engine?

It would however be so darn nice if a Dev would answer this.
A simple “can(not) be done” would suffice for me. :wink:

Well, everything “can” be done but the question is how complex it is, how much time it takes and is it even worthwhile (while considering available resources, manpower and time).

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Agreed, miss. :slight_smile:

We’ll see where it’ll walk to. XD

The ranking of diffrent types of machines would be really nice, right now I can easily deal with Hunters in smaller groups, but when suported with a harvester or dogs the unters instantly becomes more of an threat. Maybe if you don´t want to code them to be harder just make it so more of them spawn.

lvl 1 -> 1x
lvl 2 -> 2x

maybe make hunters so that every 2 lvls it ads one more to the patroll, and every 3-4 lvls on harvesters and tanks.

It´s a cool concept as you can keep the current balance and only increase the threat lvl in numbers.

What do you guys think of this? :slight_smile:

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machines capture people and make cyborgs, hunters cut out their brains

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I didn’t see it here, but what about construction robots? Something has to account for all the new FNIX stuff. I liked the idea of the salvage robots but a construction robot is required more I believe to make the current stuff make more sense. Who built that stuff? None of the robots have the necessary arms/hands/manipulators to build them or put such large parts together and ticks are too small to move that stuff around. They don’t even have to have combat capabilities, but maybe construction machines could be found inside/around FNIX facilities climbing on the walls with a welding torch or something.

It´s in another topic

Lol! And here I thought I did a thorough search.:unamused:

I´m looking to give you the link lol
Because it´s a good idea.

edit: There-New Features (Weapons, vehicles, machines & mores)

For the time being, FNIX uses Ticks to build it’s stuff.

And for the argument of one tick being incapable of moving large piece of structure, well, look at ticks as looking at ants. Several ants are capable of moving large objects. Moreover since ant can lift 2-3 times it’s own body weight.
Who is to say that FNIX doesn’t use hundreds or even thousands of ticks at once to construct it’s buildings? :thinking: It is highly possible and practical as well (due to the small size of a tick and surplus of them).

I think of some engineer machine, like a hunter but with not so many weapons and more building eqiupment

Well, it could be done, with the exception that you’ll meet them rarely and only in FNIX outposts, repairing/building the structure. Meeting them anywhere else (e.g roaming the world) wouldn’t make sense.

I’m tellin’ ya, we need super hunters and centipedes!

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Oh, that would look cool! A centipede machine, low to the ground for stability, on a track/real tank mobility system slipping over a hill in a centipede/snake-like movement. Creepy!

Good idea!

PS. Maybe they could be the cargo shipping machines/supply train, carrying the resources that the harvesters collect and bringing them back to the hidden machine bases for processing. I could see them having segmented bodies ((-o-o-o-o-o-o ; like low to the ground small linked semi-trailer rigs; each section having its own tracks. Maybe with no defenses of its own either, but always surrounded by runners for defense. And its fast. When engaged it only tries to get away while the runners hold you off. For loot it could only have resources and salvage.


I’m thinking a largish machine with wheels or legs that is kinda fast. It’s head could have a nasty main gun, and along it’s back it could have a few (existing) different turrets. AND a tail gunner!

A builder machine could add more challenges/missions. Like, for instance- we must slow the progress of FNIX’s structure spread, so we need to destroy the builders in a certain area.

maybe a strv S that is robot controlled?

With introduction of the Soviet mechanized units it seems possible that we may see many more variants of machines in the future. More Soviet machines, something made by FNIX to counter the soviets and civilian resistance, which is looking to be getting more organized.

We may even see NATO machine forces. With the new Soviet machines coming in there are endless possibilities for new enemies. Personally I would like to see a human sized bipedal enemy that can follow the player inside structures and maybe even use a handheld weapon.