New NPC charater's Shop Trading outpost


It would be a nice thing to see some future content with Trading outpost with a NPC character to trade with , could make it 80’s to fit with game and have a special trader like ''Hanz ‘’ from Die hard or ‘’ john conner ‘’ from terminator to sell you guns and stuff , ah well go for it if you want to leave ‘’ shop trader ‘’ Ideas , down below , Yippe kia yay :+1:


For myself i personally wouldn’t want NPC, as i think anything they could offer us could be better implemented as a thing for us to craft. I really think they were onto something for including a crafting system in GZ, and would factor in tons of immersive things instead of an npc where we would then need to acquire currency etc. but im also of the opinion that any idea thrown into gz is a good idea, as this game still in many ways is a blank canvas to be filled out with gameplay features such as NPC’s or crafting or what have you. :slight_smile:


Hrm, what about instead of directly with NPC’s you could find ‘Trading Notes’ at safehouses left there by other survivors (probably not other players though like a game marketplace).

Kind of like the storage boxes, but you leave what someone else is asking for at the safehouse (e.g. simple medikits and smg ammo), and then a couple of in-game days later you can go back and they’ve left you whatever was promised in the trading note.

Have tiers of trading, allowing larger/higher-quality trades to spawn with certain groups/individuals after completing however much trade with them (trust building). Players could even be generous and over-deliver resulting in faster access to higher level trading or random gifts along with the promised reward/s.


In my opinion NPCs could really ruin the atmosphere. Right now you feel like you’re all alone and there could be killer robots anywhere. Having a NPC behind a booth outside of a safe really messes that all up. Not only does it break the atmosphere it would be completely illogical if you got into a fight outside of a safe house and the NPC is just standing there offering you guns. Also NPCs just always seemed really fake to me, as it is hard to create a lifelike NPC. I’ve pretty much never seen a believable NPC in any game, and in gen zero a unbelievable character could really hurt the fragile balance they have going on.


Well said the being alone or nearly alone (when playing co-op) feel is a key part of the atmosphere in this game. Sort of like Last Man On Earth (1964), The Omega Man (1971), I Am Legend (2007), The Last Man on Earth Anthology - Isaac Asimov or I Am Legend by Richard Matheson…Though none of these feature Mechs they all have a feel to them as this game does. It is a balance that this development team has pulled off well NPCs & such would I agree ruin that balance.


Agreed. NPC’s especially a trading shop, would completely conflict with what is happening in the game. Couple questions:

  1. How are they safe?
  2. Where do they get their products?
  3. What are they doing with the money they collect?
  4. How are they safe?

None of those can be answered without breaking the ethos of the game.

  1. It’s john conner robot expert so very safe

  2. They scavenger from out of town and bring in the goods

  3. They have a bank of bullets < ( Currency )

  4. Read first answer

Keep the ideas flowing and thanks :+1:


It could work in game right now before any dlc hit by allowing people a trade option system.
Other than that atm it doesn’t work well due to story on the start and big island.
Maybe with the intro to future content it could by adding npc hiding in the islands as a retaliation plot.

I wouldn’t mind having a trade system like you find on game’s like Borderlands. But instead of trade it should be called barter since there is no money involved. Only straight bartering


Totally into this BUT only IF:

The trading posts are in cargo containers, and they’re stocked with supplies that you can trade other supplies for - no money, just what you collect. You never see other people, only hacked robots assembled from Runner and Hunter parts, a different Frankenstein’s monster/robot in the containers who keeps track of the inventory. That’s who you trade with. It would be part of a network of supply containers put together by an underground faction of scientist-hackers who knew what was coming and built this in the hopes it would help any resistance that survived. Is anyone left to use it other than you? Part of the mystery.

Making them a non-verbal robot hacked for this purpose and assembled from spare and broken parts solves the issue of a silly NPC who always repeats the same lines and is oblivious to their surroundings.


I also think that a trading outpost like in other games absolutly doesn’t fit to the game.
A bunker where one guys is hiding and standing behind a tabel waiting for someone to trade? Like there would be so many survivers that are able to deal with the machines to trade with him/her. That would be sooo unrealistic.
The idea of hacked and reused machines, like Unaha-Closp descriebed, is much better in my opinion.
Those machines could walk through the world without getting recognized as a thread and wouldn’t be attacked.
I like the idea of a runner

or a hunter or some Frankenstein bot made out of both that walks trough the world and waits for some time at certain points like military bases. There the player can interact with them. Since we don’t have a valid currency it should be bartering, like WarpigX9 said.
The easy way would be a list of items that the owner of the machine wants, similar to what NoMrBond said. For example first aid kits (would be the most logical item for persons in a save location). If we drop this item in it, like in the plundra, we could pick an item the machines carries like ammo or weapons/attachments.
The cooler way would be, that the machine has a working radio with which we could actually talk to the guy who hacked the machine and sits in the safe location. This would require a question and answer system to be implemented and if possible a voice for our character (not like in the Surge 2, I don’t like that my character talkes to other persons but doesn’t have a voice).
Both solutiones would be much less effort than a human NPC to interact. I share the same fear that ColdwarWHLO have, that they feel really fake.
It could also become very useful to have this feature if the crafting gets implemented, that tene mentioned. You could collect lots of stuff that is easier to find and trade it against stuff that is harder to get, espetially at the first half of the game were you cant deal as good with the FNIX enemies.


love the idea that they walk around, with supplies strapped to them!


Think about it: Does GZ really need NPC’s and Trading?

Does this fit into the game setting?
As someone said in a different post: GZ is a game more about guerilla warfare.
The same thing can be achieved through a crafting system. Which I personally think would fit much better in a game like this.


I think having NPCs would take away from the atmosphere of the game. The sense of isolation and mystery would just be gone.