New Nvidia Drivers 9th of July



I had some crash issue that windows logs blamed Directx , when playing this game.
The latest driver has patch notes that adresses several problems that are directx relaxed and other graphic tool updates. Check patch notes if you want to know whats fixed.

No crash at all for me since update, AND win 10 updated a BIG fix patch today, July 10th. Which adressed a lot of problems that came from the previous patch + fixes. Devices like mouse/keyboard, windows guarddog mistakes steam for illagall, etc.

I suggest update GPU driver and win 10.


Could a dev please look at my post? And check that what I am saying is correct?

I read about A LOT of issues with crashes, which the 9th of July drivers and 10th of July Win 10 update will fix!

Maybe you should highlight this info where your playerbase can see it? Steam forums specially.
IF, I am correct, that is! =)