New Patch thoughts:

Tanks were in some cases not using their full complement of available weaponry, they’re now a bit more dangerous!
Ticks now correctly deal melee damage.
Harvesters and Tanks will no-longer take damage from their own gas attacks.
Machines that are spawned via Mission triggers will now correctly keep their accumulated damage during the game session.
Tanks should no longer continue to collide with buildings after being rag-dolled.
The Tick “container” on Tanks has been corrected to use the correct one.
Improvements made to lower cases of machines leaning at odd angles when traversing terrain.
Improvements made to Runner animations.

Oh yeah!
I hope they added like a billion more machines, and that they tweaked the response time of the machines, as well as their “aggression”.
As it was, you could bump into a unit of machines, and they got startled, not knowing what to do for several seconds.
Not only a bad thing for the game, as this removes the threat value, but also highly unlikely for machines.
These can “insta-identify” a target, and “insta-act” upon that.
Note that even the orange machines ARE military.
And they would not release machines that need 10 seconds before they figured out to engage you, being their target and goal.

Sadly I cannot yet hop online, but hell, I look forward to see where this patch went to.

In some cases aiming down sights could shift your aim to the right, this has been corrected.
Placed objects will no longer despawn early when players move away from them.
Animations now sync correctly when firing after sprinting.
When reloading the Granatgevär it should now longer cause a floating projectile to display when viewed from third-person.
Fixed issue that could result in camera raising too fast when firing weapons on full-auto.

I fail to see the weapon/ammo damage or the ranges been fixed.
Has this been done, or…?
If not, it sure as hell needs to be looked upon…

New patch broke my game. Can’t even load it up now without blue screen :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere: ps4

same, I downloaded the update, got to the main menu, selected continue and the game crashes, and it happens every time I try.

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Excuse me, this need to be posted under bugs, brother.
Sadly I cannot be of assistance here, being a PC player.
I have no clue of just how much a mess those console things are…

Yup exactly the same. I created topic to dump problems in there :grin::grin:

Well done!!! :slight_smile:

Post under Bazaldo’s post in Bugs, please.

Oh I am sorry to intrude on your post. Forgive my rudeness and frustrations my friend :grin: I have created it under bugs. Thanks

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My friend, no need to apologize!
I do not hush you away, I merely wanted you to post this as well under bugs.

You said the patch broke the game, that DOES somewhat belong here, just more under Bugs.
You are frustrated, that in itself is a thought for here.

So, conclusion?
You did absolutely NOTHING wrong!!! :slight_smile:

Au contraire, you made a bug post, awesome!
Keep up the good works.


Thanks my friend :grin: fingers crossed for fast hot fix.

Hi. I don’t think machine behavior has been changed except for the tanks using all their weapons. The response time should still be the same.
Don’t know what you mean by “ranges fixed” but the only change to weapons was the explosive damage tweak (which kinda borked explosive damage altogether)

The game did not mean to give you a “one shot” at machines.
They are a threat, a bitching annyance that is beyond mortally deadly. :slight_smile:

one hit kills with the canister was my usual method of dealing with them. while it was faster i never felt like I achieved anything doing it, just getting cheap kills. I’m kind of glad they adjusted this to force me to improve.

True, but IMO they went overboard with nerfing it. Buddy and I shot a hunter a bit, then blew up three huge gas tanks (I’m talking about the 12 meter long ones) right next to it and it still took some hits after that^^ That explosion took off half our HP and we were very far away

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same happened when they the nerfed adrenaline spawns at first. they’ll find the sweet spot eventually

@SR_Carni @kakarron
My brother Kakaron said it correct, they’ll get the sweet spot.
Balancing is not always that evident… :wink:

My brother @Xogroroth ‘’ i have no clue how much a mess those pc thing’s are …

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…
It all depends on the user.
Computers don’t blunder!