New player - DLC question

Hi all,

Am about 10 hours in and loving the game. I was wondering if buying the Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising DLC now will impact the original campaign at all. My preference is to finish the original campaign as it was released and to not to unintentionally pick up a DLC mission I’m not ready and/or underpowered for.

If buying the DLC now doesn’t impact the original campaign then I’m happy to buy now.

Appreciate your advice, thanks.

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As far as I know, the ‘Alpine Unrest’ DLC kicks off when using a ferry (the only ferry in-game) to reach the DLC island, so that one’s pretty easy to avoid. The ‘FNIX Rising’ DLC has installations spread all over the main islands, but these are there whether you install the DLC or not - they’re integrated into the base game as of now. You could purchase both DLCs and then disable the newer one to avoid starting the associated missions; then later on reenable it after you’ve cleared the rest of the game.

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Cheers. I’ll buy now.

I hadn’t heard of this game at all until it arrived in my last Humble Bundle. When I checked it out I thought the setting, look and pacing of the game looked amazing. Instantly installed and here I am. Hopefully there will be few more people like me coming on as new players.


Happy to hear you’re enjoying the game - it’s woefully underrated. As an open-world exploration aficionado, I have sunk hundreds of hours of hunting and collecting stuff. My advice - take your time. No need to rush, no need to face the big ones head-on. Just take in the sights, and sneak around the hot spots until you’re geared up…


Thank you. Am certainly taking the time to soak it all in. Have dropped my first points into the Survival tree for added sneak. Definitely preferring to stealth around and pick machines off vs run and gun. It’s a fun world to sneak around in.

Update having bought the DLC - the DLC missions are clearly marked so are easily left until I’m ready to do them.

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I do too.
Atop of long range assault.

Which, with the current weapon/ammo system, became very hard.
Missing a machine with a .50, 200m away, just is… ah well.

Welcome aboard, @peppermintl2k5. I’d say definitely go for the DLC. Especially Alpine Unrest is a must-have if you already enjoy the base game. :blush:

Both the Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising missions are unlocked when you buy them, but you can’t accidentally do them without realizing it. If and when you get there, look at your mission log. DLC missions will be marked with one of these two icons:
(EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see that you had already noticed this. Enjoy the game! :joy:)