New player feedback/suggestions

Howdy, new player that just purchased the game after the free weekend. Overall I really enjoyed playing the game over the weekend and hope they continue to update it. Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts and give some feedback for the dev team:

Things I liked (and hope they continue to improve):

  1. The machines are really cool and seeing (and hearing) some of the larger ones for the first time is pretty intense. I love the sound design for them as well, especially hearing them stomping around in the distance and the sound effects they make when they hear/see you.

  2. Enjoy the looter/shooter aspect of it and especially the experimental weapons (even if there are only a handful). This is one area that they should def focus on and adding new variants.

  3. The atmosphere is absolutely fantastic and map overall looks really great. There’s a couple negatives here though (detailed below).

  4. Gunplay is really well done too, most of the weapons feel/sound powerful and shooting robots is fun. I like all the sparks/effects/explosions and it’s enjoyable to take robots down.

So IMO the game has a lot going for it and does the core mechanics of the game well!

That said, there are rough spots and things I think would greatly improve the game:

  1. The game needs more variety, in it’s current state not sure I’m going to play more than 10-15 more hours. Just to be clear, I paid $20 which I think a total of 30hrs is a great value, but the foundation is so good that the game could easily be so much more.

  2. Inventory stinks, needs sorting functionality.

  3. Storage is even worse and desperately needs sorting and filters.

  4. Overall the game was stable and ran fine, I did have 1 crash and got stuck a couple time. This wasn’t a big deal for me but a lot of players these days get really pissed off about that and this most certainly effects who buys the game.

  5. Areas with poison gas is a great idea, it’s execution is lacking though. A gas mask only give you 10% resistance which is silly. Gas should be deadly without a mask, and putting on a mask should either make you immune or at least reduce damage by like 98%

  6. Fire doesn’t seem to do anything, you can stand on a burning wreckage like it’s nothing. Minor issue but somewhat breaks immersion.

  7. MP could use a server browser. I realize no a lot of people play anyways, but I’d like to see what open games are join-able instead.

  8. Voice chat would be great.

  9. If not voice chat, what would be cool would be able to ‘mark’ enemies and call outs to your team.

  10. Binoculars and gas mask should be hotkey-able.

  11. Ammo should stack better in storage, like stacks to 1000+ in one slot, then you take some you drag normal stacks in your inventory.

The biggest things (aside from bugs/polish) I’d love to see for the game moving forward:

  1. Bunkers with distinct look/style and more challenges inside

  2. New and larger machines

  3. More experimental weapons (these are awesome)

  4. I get a big part of the game is the 80’s theme/outfits, but I personally think it’s kind of silly for survivors to be running around without body armor/flak vest/etc. I would love to see actual protective gear added to the game.


Skills, Support, left column, 3rd row, “enemy marking”

and optionally
a) its twin from the right column, “veteran guerilla”
b) one down, “Designated target”

Never seen anyone use those skills, but do they visually mark enemies on the compass/map/visually? If so that’s cool.

You mark it using the binoculars. The red outline then remains visible to everyone on the team according to the marker’s skill level (15s/30s). Specifically, once set, everyone sees the mark with their “naked eye”, not just in scope/binoculars.

This of course is particularly useful in fog / darkness / foliage. I seem to remember also seeing it work through walls; it’s hard to verify as the tech view’s currently semi-broken.

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Me and a friend found this ability immensely helpful recently. During a recent session we got swamped with Hunters in the Northern Coast. So we took position atop a lighthouse and I acted as his spotter, marking targets.

We took down 12 FNIX Hunters with the AG4 and a pair of binoculars and that felt amazing :slight_smile:

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Yeah that sounds pretty cool, def will have to think about unlocking those skills.