New Player feedback! Sweet, but more to be desired!


I’ve been playing the game for roughly 19 hours now, and have since left the archipelago section. My first impression of the game was GREAT. The enemy design, the AI of the enemies, the feel of combat, all way above my expectations. When I saw the full map, I was blown away, and ready to discover it all.

After leaving archipelago, I was discussing the game on the discord, and unfortunately, I found out, that I had found nearly all the available weapon types already. In the start of the game. There are still better quality weapons to find, legendary, experimental versions, but to me, that is not enough.

I expected the new, big new part of the map, to be the “main game” so to say, and have a lot of new weapons to try out, a lot of new enemies, and generally have the “meat of the game”. But learning that I had discovered most weapons types already, killed my motivation to move on.

Another issue I personally had, was the gameplay loop. After a while, running from town to town, looting ammo boxes and cars, and shooting the occassional robot, started feeling a bit repetitive. The gameplay loop was never broken, by say, a random event, or some non-liniar, non-static gameplay feature. I looked on the map, and the 90% I had left to explore, felt like a chore. I had already done it all (not literally). But I had experienced the gameplay loop almost fully already.

It reminded me of a problem I had, with Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Walking from outpost to outpost, long distances, with nothing to do in between. Too much empty space, void of any “side activity”.

Pair that with having not many new weapons to try out, besides better version of what I had already tried, I just didnt see the point.

I do not want it to sound like I hate the game, because the 19 hours Ive played, had been pretty entertaining. And Im impressed with a lot of the game. I’m just a bit frustrated the game, after this point, did not live up to my expectations. I wanted to put hundreds of hours into this game like others have. Support the game long term. But I just dont know how I could, based on the criticisms I have.

I plan on keeping an eye on the game, follow its progress. Read updates and wait for the right time to come back, and experience the rest of the game. But for now, I dont think the game has enough to offer me personally.

Thanks for reading, and honestly, major respect to the developers for having made such high quality features for this game. The sound design, AI, enemy design, the list goes on; Is way above what I had anticipated. I sincerily hope this game keeps evolving, and becomes a continued success.

Even life is repetitive. :crazy_face:
Just wondering, what games did you like, and which one are you going to try next?

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There’s a lot of games I like. Although, right now I play a lot of minecraft on my switch. After New World, I got rapid strain injury in my arm. Its been there for 3 months or so now. Still TRYING to recover. But it means not a lot of mouse and keyboard gaming. Generation Zero was supposed to be my next pc game to spend a lot of time on.

Im not sure what I’ll be playing instead.

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I asked because you said you don’t like the repetitive nature of games, but my experience is that most if not all games have repetitive elements. I also think that the way a game is played can make that repetitive feeling stronger. If you play mission after mission, without exploring the world to see what can be found, most games will give you that feeling of repetitiveness.

Maybe you should play GZ, but don’t try and finish it in no time. Just take breaks from the fighting, Better for your RSI too, and just play like you are actually there. Stealthy, and avoid combat when possible.

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I did not feel there being enough reasons to explore though. Everything is mostly indicated on the map. So there arent many “surprises” so to say. At least from what I had felt. Maybe playing in smaller dosis is the way to go about it in this game, but Im not very good at that. So I think its better I come back later when more stuff has been added. I mean, a big issue for me, is how the main gameplay is gunplay.

There arent many reasons to stealth and avoid combat, in fact, you kinda get punished for it. Not obtaining the loot and exp from the kills. I havent found a single “reward” from avoiding combat. And I also like finding new gear to keep things fresh and interesting, and having tried almost all weapons in the first 5% of the game, just felt like a terrible way to design that particular aspect of the game.

I would have much more prefered having a few weapons in the start of the game, and then when the world opens up, having a lot of new toys to try out. Simply having them being stronger, better quality etc, is not enough. Its still the same weapons. Firing a 1 star glock and 3 star glock, really doesnt feel any different, besides the damage it puts out. Where finding a different pistol all together feels much more interesting, and adds a breath of fresh air to the gameplay loop.

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Well you gotta do what you think is best. But I think you should slow down, if only to get that RSI under control before it turns chronic. GZ will never be what you want. There are weapons packs, but a couple of hours with them and you probably be bored again.

I’m actually in GZ right this moment, with really nothing to do after 2300 hours of gameplay. Waiting for God of War to release.

I think, I found everything in GZ. But I just love to try and discover new things anyway. New things I did not notice before and log them, just for fun, while I also wait for more GZ updates to come.

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Hi and welcome to Generation Zero.

Let me tell you, that you feel wrong. :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Thanks! Would you mind to elaborate? Without spoiling that is.

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It’s an open-world-game. Explore the open world and you will find many interesting things you will think about.
I personally went to every road and every structure which is shown on the map. Not just to find new places and weapons or scematics for crafting but to see something unexpected. And if you want to see even more, explore the surroundings. There are so many secret places like caves.

Take a look at @Gysbert’s walk-guides (here in the forum) , for example.

But don’t forget the collectibles and the missions… And there are many side-missions which have to be found.

And after all you can try to achieve all the achievements and challenges the game offers and to collect every single experimental weapon, clothing and ammo and then have fun just to offend even the greatest armies of “toasters”.


Aggree also playing on gorilla makes it exceptionally atmospheric and tension pounding. … If you want a big gut wrenching fight piss off a seeker by running by it , then try to get pull the entire farmlands region into a massive battle.