New player here, can anyone inform me about these weapons


Hello all, I recently bought this game off the XB market place in the new years sale it was like £14 inc the two addons so I thought Yeah why not, the game looks great… And it is :joy: I love it so far I’m level 9 and played maybe a few hours. I stupidly joined a MP game and the players were Level 30+ and the missions they were on was, I’m assuming way down the story line :joy:. Anyway one of the players dropped three weapons for me that obviously only been at level 8 I’d no idea what they were or how you get them. So my questions are How do I find weapons like these, and are there any better weapons in the game.


These 3 weapons are Experimental weapons and is meant for end-game use. To find any more, your character level needs to be 25 or more and these drop only from Rivals. Btw, drop from Rivals isn’t guaranteed, instead it is random and it’s difficult to find them, often needing to destroy multiple Rivals before even getting one Experimental weapon.

As far as if there any better weapons than these tree in the goes, i’m not going to spoil it to you. You already got huge spoilers, making the game A LOT easier.


I appreciate your response thankyou. I had assumed that they were maybe end game weapons, the two in the storage box have stayed there since I picked them up and put them away never been used but the pvg90 I use :thinking: I feel slightly guilty using it but I can’t help it. Thankyou for the info reg. Rivals and potential weapon/item drops. Finding more and more out about the game, love it.


If i were you, i’d either drop all three to the ground for them to despawn or scrap all three in Recycling Station and play the game as it is intended, rather than cheating my way through. But i’m not you, so, your call.


Don´t drop those weapons on the floor.
Sometimes it´s difficult for them to spawn, sometimes you might get one of them in a few hours, other times it could take days or weeks.
I encourage you to only use the PVG90 against Tanks, and leave the others on the storage (Plundra) until later, but don´t toss them to the Recycling station unless you have copies(spares) of them.

That is my advice to you, but in the end its up to you to choose and discover how you want to play the game.


what is your nickname in the game?


Hey my XB tag is InFeCtIoN999

I have boxed these guns and have continued on with the base weapons that I’am finding. I’ve found a 3* PVG90 and have been using it with some pleasure however I do miss 1 hit K.O’ing these damn robots :joy: thanks for the input guys. Loving this game still. Level 15 now woop woop


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