New player + note on doorways


Started playing yesterday with a friend, and we ended up playing for 8 hours straight.
So as you can imagine, I already love this game. (and we haven’t even arrived on the main island yet).
The mix of intense battle and then relative calm/safety + looting and rpg elements are well balanced I think (so far anyway) and suits me well.
I’m really looking forward to more levels and better guns! My best so far, is the Automatgevar…

So praise out of the way (big praise!) I have noticed, that it is a little easy to “cheese” the machines using doorways. The machines have trouble navigating the opening, even on big double door openings. They will eventually get through, and the small jumping spider bots seem to get through ok, but they are not really much of a threat.
So a strategy is, to use a building with more than one entry/exit and you’re 95% sure to win (if you play modestly ok at least).

It’s a small thing, and I’m not even sure it will be an “issue” later on… Just something I noticed.
1up for the dev’s on this game. It’s awesome!


Welcome, menace312! It’s a great game and experience for sure! Keep up the good work!


You went eight hours in one sitting? And you never left the starter island? Wow… That’s impressive. Though I hope you guys stayed hydrated at least :slight_smile:

You can look forward to some heavy fighting ahead, especially up north :robot:


I think I did about 7 hours on starter island too, but it already right off the bat rewarded you with side-tracking. I explored every crevice of starter island and leaving it… was like turning 18 and suddenly getting hit with adulthood. It was not fun and I was made the robot’s bitch, 'till I maned up.

Now, I’m a big boy and solo the hardest spots.


I don’t think that eight hours on the first island sounds like much. Everything is new and there is a lot to do and figure out. When I completed “Behind the curtain” I went back and discovered, that I missed the “Target practise” mission. Quite a while ago I believed that I found all safe houses, but today I found a new, well hidden one. still surprises while I’m waiting for the next chapter.