New player thoughts here


New player, 8 hours here, on adventure difficulty, or so I thought. Ran into a harvester, my first one. Looked up weak spots but it took me 20 minutes to kill, and 1k rounds. It spawned I kid you not, 50 some hunters, back to back, I couldn’t focus on the harvester at all, it was a nightmare. This needs fixed.


is it on console i think your still in the hard patch that made the robots to ruff. if its pc well you have to have good guns to take them on and its not just go for them you need tactics to take them on not just Rambo =)


I tired to go to known zones of level 5 weapons to take them back with me to help story but I’ve had no luck yet. Von Ulmer house was locked I found after a very long walk


You need to have the mission to get the gun and key to his house go to hermelien bunker thats where the missions to get there start


April '20 update gave harvesters a new ability to call in hunter pod airdrops as long as the harvester itself is alive. This is not a bug. This is intended game feature.

If you do not want to deal with endless waves of hunters spawned in by harvester, you have 3 choices:

  1. Destroy harvester as soon as possible.
  2. Don’t kill any of the hunters before taking out harvester.
  3. Don’t engage the harvester in the first place.

For 2nd point, i have a video how to deal with harvester easily, without dealing with endless amounts of hunters. You can view my video from this topic of mine (1st video in there): Guide: "Wild West" challenge


Don’t kill the first time spawned hunters and the harvester will not call new ones. Focus on disarming hunters and damaging the harvester. If you have a grenade launcher use that to soften it up.