New players break the game and have fun doing it lol

You can find the video of this here.

A little backstory about this tl:dr

My wife, brother-in-law, and I all just started playing this game. We are all around lvl 12 and love to grief each other and friends with the explosive gas tanks and compressed air cans. We always wait til we aren’t expecting or distracted and place them next to each other and blow them up. So this particular night we were playing, I was getting “dibassi” (wife whos character had the eyepatch ) ALOT with blowing up cars and using expl tanks. So we were doing her missions and went to the ibro castle. We cleared out the robots and then she tricked me by showing me her eye patch and baiting me into showing off my clothes. Well while I was in the menu, she placed a radio just to troll then decided to blow me up. I happened to be standing in the right place at the right time because when I exited menu I was 760m away from her… In the air. We both cackled and freaked out . I thought I was going to die from the fall but I kid you not… She Team Rocket blasted me away in the same exact direction of the mission we were doing by PURE luck and coincidence. I fell literally within 10m of the mission we were supposed to be doing. Long story short I love this game and its fun to goof of in! Ill upload first accidental launch and how to recreate it tutorial step by step. cheers


It’s great to see people having fun with this game, even though blowing each other up is not really how the game is played. But I guess we all experienced blowing ourselves up.


Yes, I have had games where that is all the players would do, “Yeet” everywhere. There is a safe house close to the edge of a cliff and we tried to see how far we could be shot out, even on bikes. Note my K/D ratio. Machines can also be launched.


lol but sometimes the best times in games are playing how its fun to play not meant to be played i.e. (Lerrrooooyyyyy jennkins) We play forreal too and get pretty far but its kinda funny when im off guard and she blows me up now im low on heal packs and machines are everywhere, or if she runs to the bathroom to come back to 2 radios and a boombox surrounding her character with 12 hunters running full speed ahead towards her. We definitely are loving this game got gifted to us on steam sale. Wish it was more popular. Everytime she doesnt wanna play and I try to join a multiplayer, its all level 30+ with all decked out exp gear.


Ooooh so we should try this with bikes is what im hearing. Just to be clear we are doing this on a local server with our group not griefing other people . This game is really fun though. I hope it gains some popularity and more people start to play it. Hell I hope this video goes viral on tiktok and makes people interested in the game. sometimes I find great games on tiktok from people who post hole in the wall type games that people ont really play much anymore and they gain alot of playerbase!

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The bike thing never really worked, we tried it, just never got very good results. You either ride off the cliff or get blown off the bike and fall down the cliff. It was over a year ago and I am sure wine was involved so things are a little fuzzy.

It was in a co-op game but all four players were doing it. We were even fast traveling all over the map to collect more things that go boom. I always ask for rules when I join a co-op and I am not the host.


The story is cool and great that you and your wife know how to play a trick on each other.


Love the story and how fun that would be! I hope you all continue enjoying the game as much as you are currently.

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Hahaha, doing the same thing with my son there. I didn’t expect it would be so fun because I’m not really a gamer. The only game I played before this one was League of Legends with friends a couple of years ago. You know, despite the fact that I wasn’t a pro in that game, I’ve always been very successful in it and performed perfectly. I guess I could become a very serious gamer, but unfortunately, real life doesn’t give many chances for that. But yesterday I found at one platform the league accounts for sale with a pretty reasonable price. I wanna buy it honestly, at least for my son. I guess he will like this game too.