New players still being helped from random people or friends ( a.g.a.i.n )

once again new players still being helped because of the new experimentals weapons added and more.

it has been going like this for 2 years, can be longer.
its too much now all of my friends who plays this haves experimentals. almost all of them say that im bored im gonna play different games because theres nothing to do.
but me im still having something to do. i still need to find one more experimental for my collection and to try it out, and im having fun!

my friends could played longer if were not helped by random people. but theyre not listening to me that don’t join from random poeple at all cost they still do it when im offline.

its pretty much very important to fix this because people will just quit the game because its too easy and boring for them!

from youre thinking is it important to fix that?
  • fix it. if its still happening for one more year.
  • fix it. if it’s still happening for one more month.
  • fix it when nexts update comes in.
  • fix it now
  • I don’t see the problem with it.
  • dont fix

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I checked “I don’t see a problem with it” , because there is no problem in the game.
It’s the players.

They become bored because they get everything too early. Why do they get it? Because other players drop it for them…

Well, it’s a cooperative game, why shouldn’t you support each other?

… The problem is not, that others dropped the weapons for them, but that they took everything they got AND use(d) it.

At least they could have stored the weapons until they reach a specific character level, for example.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be against a change, that your character just gets the ability to use experimentals if he has the level to be able to get them by loot. (lvl 25?)


As Madchaser said. Just because someone gives you something you dont have to accept it.
If you want the full game experience you leave the free stuff on the ground. But some players like shortcuts. I have friends that pay to win games just so they can play the game quickly.


It is not a problem with the game, it’s a problem with the players.

If you accept a very good weapon from a random player who has joined your game then that it on you. It’s your choice to accept the weapon. And therefore your fault that the game gets boring.


but players always acccepted. i have only met one person that doesnt want free stuff. ONE person. from somewhere 645-1050 people i have talked that have gotten free stuff. there was a person sayed that im restarting all my progress because it was too easy. like bro havent you tried to play with a friend that will restart theyre progress and you? my friends just gets bored to easily because they already experienced the stuff.

@Terrorrobot quick game? what do you mean? that aint no quick game its an game you need to grind. be stealthty and being careful with its ammo.

Players are terrible at regulating themselves, I actually got a friend playing for two weeks now and made sure to use a new characters and empty my plundra, he doesn’t even know experimentals exist yet. We are having a blast on player-scaling guerilla, even though we are already swimming in ammo :slight_smile: We’re around level 20 now, he was so happy when we got the 5* AI-76 from the main quest, I love when people discover new things by themselves, it’s a joy to watch and play.


Pay to win was for other games not this one. Some games you just pay to get the best stuff from start and that way you can play through the game faster than with just the starting stuff.

And in this game getting free stuff has the same effect. Quick play through the game and on to the next game.

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Its not a game problem at all.
Its up to the player and product buyer to play the game the way it wants.
I use trainers and cheats in many Single player games, we could say that “destroys the game” but not at all!
Because it makes the game more fun, i can play in higher difficults without stress, i can build bigger armadas and face bigger armadas or armies as well (most RTS and strategy games), i can even give funds and manipulate the adversary so that the game is more challenging.
Maybe i have less time and this way its faster, that happens sometimes.
What about walkthroughs? They destroy a game? No…that depends only from you.
An example, the other day for the first time I played and finished the game “The turing test” it was interesting and a lot of fun, until the last Level where some of the problems and puzzles were just too confusing, so I used a guide.

Besides super rare weapons and items that almos never appear i usually do not accept help from people in games like GZ.

PS: Im glad some randoms gave me the almost infinite ammo machine guns in the two Dead island games, i like using the normal weapons but sometimes its more fun to clean the streets with an M60 :grinning: :sweat_smile: :zombie:

Instead fix
: Low damage from Kotenok, S21, exp magnum
: Fix other bugs
: Diminish the price from CAMO DLC

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I am pretty tired of other players paying more attention to the way other people play their game than paying attention to their own game. These other players purchased the game and play it the way the game allows.

I think these people that have all that time to criticize other’s playing methods must be pretty bored with the game themselves.

How about we mind our own computer and game and leave others alone.


… This often is one of the problems, because the games in most cases don’t allow to manipulate data. I’m not talking about the ones with official mod support.

And no, if I had the possibilities/tools or whatever, I wouldn’t “allow” a player to play a call of duty multiplayer “as he wants” by using wallhacks, as example.

We had this discussion several times now and I think the opposing opinions won’t come together.

In the end everyone is in first step responsible for his own. But no one should ever force other players to live with the consequences of their doing/cheating/modding.

Do what you like, but do it just for yourself…

And yes, I used trainers/cheats/mods in the past, too. For games that I just played alone and that I already had finished.

Back to topic, please.

For the topic I already stated my opinion.
If you play gz online with random players (not just your friends), you have the risk that they don’t play the way you where looking for. But whether you take dropped items or not is your descision.

It of course just could be a matter of not well thought game design, if you’re able to use things that you shouldn’t be able to if you where playing alone. So if there is a level border for getting experimental weapons by loot, this border should also count for items dropped by other players. Otherwise it makes not much sense and should be removed. But that’s the devs descition.

I am not talking about out and out hacks. They should be deleted along with repeat offenders.
If the game allows you to help or be helped then it’s what the game allows and people should mind their own game. But I hear a lot of people on this forum say "I don’t need it and so you don’t need it either and that is just plain wrong. I bought this game early, before it was available to download. I have also bought all the DLCs, not that I use them all but to keep the interest up for the Devs to keep writing. I hope they write for a long time as I enjoy playing this game. And I will not stand for someone telling how I should play it. I really hope others feel this way also.


When it comes to players not accepting good advice regarding the game being too easy when accepting player loot, here’s something to consider:

You can lead a Horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink

But here it’s players and good meant advice


I’ve found bare bones Gen Z on Gorilla to be the best experience, it’s more of a challenge and it probably reflects how the machines would act in the real story, it’s up to you but using exp weapons all the time kills it for me✌️

Lol, you’re not wrong, but from what I’ve seen since the internet became a thing… There’s always some keyboard warrior who will tell you about his/her opinion after watching the first 12 seconds of a video on a subject. This used to just be a thing if you walked into a diner in the morning to get a cup of coffee and got to listen to a debate about politics between the morning regulars, now their voices are blasted all over the net, lol. Just goes with the territory of being in a world where people can voice any opinion, no matter how valid or well researched, and have it seen by anyone on the net. God I feel old…


To each, their own. My hat goes off to you, personally that sounds like the first episode of futurerama where Bender and Fry are in the suicide booth. What I’m saying is that you are a far braver soul than I.

Preach it! It’s a PvE game, enjoy it the way you want to, as long as we all understand the unwritten rule. Respect the host, if they ask you not to drop stuff for them, or to stop massacring everything in sight, it’s best to be kind to the persons “house” you are in. No need to bust up the “furniture” aka their game experience.

I know that you’re not saying anything to the contrary, just putting it out there for any green horns who don’t know already.

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  1. When I read the name of this game I feel the same if I read Alien Isolation but even more scare because we talking about huge and big robots with the powerfull weapons. - In real, I take my experimental riffle and killing all around just by aiming them, so they destroy theyselves because of scare
  2. I hear the voices of rebelds from voice recorders, faxes, players, radio, etc during the game but the voice inside of me telling me “Dont believe it, this is not real and you are alone” even if enemies around and NPC are hiding somewhere
  3. I even dont feel light scare when I get contact with biggest and dangerous robots as I know they are not so dangerous as an Alien on easy diffcult level
  4. I already got all experimental weapons, all good staff, all bases are in place with strong towers but still not feeling happy myselve as the world is so empty. No even little animals. My mind see only me and some dangerous enemies and absolutely ignoring all other items, even the world around with its perfect nature, I dont focused on the world

I am so sad that finally I meat the game I really like to play but it is so crude

Pretty sure there are birds almost everywhere and I seem to remember seeing rats here and there in the bunkers.

If you are not feeling challenged you can always raise the difficulty level.

Yeah, most of these folks are dead or evacuated.

Wait, the robots are scared of you, and you think that because they are scared of you that they destroy themselves? The AI, and FNIX in the lore, cares nothing for collateral damage. To a machine it would only matter of completing it’s programmed mission list. And if you somehow think that you could carry around a rail gun or pod of missiles, I’d welcome you to try.

My question to you is did you earn those experimental weapons or did you get them given to you, because with all the complaining I’ve seen you do, I seriously doubt you actually earned them.

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Maybe he is one of these new players who start with all given, maybe use cheats, too and while fighting through archipelago become bored of the game and enemies.

A perfect example for one destroying their experience by self.

Sounds like he was stoned. And/or he/she is as young that he/she doesn’t even know what ‘Alien’ is.

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