New possibilities - how to

Ok, encountered e.a.a.

But what can I do with them?

u go inside & activate reapers & vultures

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It’s the hatch to the FNIX Search Equipment, which you can enter and where you can do a search for the location of a Reaper or a Vulture.

  • You do need 200 FNIX Datapoints for the Reaper, or 200 Soviet Datapoints for the Vulture each time you do a location search.

  • After the search, an icon of the Reaper or Vulture will appear on the map.

  • Datapoints you get from killing FNIX or Soviet Rivals.

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Thanks for the replies guys. How does anyone find out the background info easily…

In general by reading the patch notes.

And where can you find them…

I mean, it’s not clear - in any case to me :laughing:

This on the forum: Skyfire Update - Patch Notes

Or all patch notes and updates here: Blog | Generation Zero

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