New proc. Mission disappeared

Single player
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Yesterday I got the radio maintenance mission and it is gone today. Tried restarting PS5 with no luck.

Did you finish the mission yesterday?

I finished it yesterday, then finished the unknown signal procedual mission today and then got the resistance radio maintance mission again.

If there is another procedual mission available in your log, try to finish it first and see what happens then. Seems to be a bug, hopefully just this week due to introduction of the new missions during a running week.

yesterday, on my several hour run through, it disappeared every time I exited back to main screen but it would pop back up after about 5-10mins of playing. maybe just keep playing and it will pop back up if you did finish it.

just logged in and like before it was gone. took about 45mins this time for it to pop back up. so ya, just play as usual and it should pop back up for you. I’m on PS4 so it shouldn’t be much different for you

It came back. Finished it, but now it is back again and cant becompleted. When you go to fuseboxes; they cant be repaired.

Sometimes the missions are slightly different.
In my first trial I had to use a repair kit at a generator.

In my second run I just had to push some buttons.
(Made the missions yesterday and today again)

I got the ag4 new weapon skin from it

Is it like this one? Street Art.

Street art

Yesterday I got one for the sledgehammer, today for the kvm59. Yes, these graffiti.