New Reapers Insta Spawn in After Killing One

Wow the game is so totally going to pieces now, in addition to the weather turning to fog every single session after 10 minutes, now when I kill Reapers in Farmlands, a new one spawns after I kill just one runner. This has happened twice in a row now. Region level is 24 and threat level is in the 180000s.

Playing on Win 10 PC via GFN.

That is not a bug. Sorry. You had built up enough region points doing whatever you was doing before the reaper, then getting to the reaper and destroying all the whatever that was around the reaper. then either you had the reaper on your map XX amount of time and the time it took you to destroy the first reaper it was time for another spawn. Instead of a rival you got a reaper. Its been happening since the reaper came on the map. And your 180000 is off. You don’t like it then don’t set those conditions up like that again.

I like to make that happen when I have the time. Then jump to another region and hope it happens again. Which, good chance it does.

You can always leave the 2 or 3rd…whatever, reaper alone till you are ready to go again at a reaper. If you stayed in play to battle the 2nd reaper, remember how much ammo and supplies you used and make sure you bring more next time of the same stuff. After a while you will want to take on more. Or post bug reports


Since this isn’t a bug I’m closing this report.