New robot class or exosuit for player

hi i’m robotic engineer and this game is a very well, so if the robot wanna kill us maybe can add a new dlc but a lot of content for machine and robotics for aplliance to your character:
maybe can be:


exosuit full body like elysium this provide more power, speed and melee with punch and integrated vision how: xray, ir, night and technnical.

maybe can be a variously exoesqueleton.

plasma cannon with AI tracker like a runners i will say a gun independent of the player aim. like a predator

makeable drones with AI and without AI for support in battle drones like a hunter killer of terrminator but with stetics of fnix or sovietics
Craft items:

a energy shield hull for bullet resistence but with energy limit and recharge with baterry

riel cannon only can be used with exosuit but only with this

new hability with exosuit: a hacker panel for try hack a machines and take the control to distance.

nuclear batery
brushless motors
titanium chassis
titanum leg
mechanical systems
electronical systems
any item can be scrapped from the any bot or cars

maybe Avalanche can add drone vehicules like tanks, or more awesome,

really i waiting that my ideas come to you…

i’m game maker too :slight_smile:

That’s too modern. Still, it’s strange that FNIX created the energy shield in 1989.

Well, I’d say if there’s already an energy sheild elsewhere in the game on a bot, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to ad a scaled down version to a suit, so if it already exists in the game universe, I don’t see why it couldn’t be added.

I agree partially with @SYSEL.
Yes, there is scifi tech in the game although it takes place in 1989-1991, but it’s still a game.
Nevertheless, the resistance should stay at low tech in general.

Experimental stuff is ok, but we still are the few weak humen against many high tech machines.
That’s the core of the game.


Is it not logical that one may also have at least the option of using other tech? I mean, what would the point be of fighting machines, but never studying their tech to improve our own? Perhaps I’m just thinking about it too realistically, but like I said, it just seems like logic.

yeah, learn of the enemy tech can be more powerfull to your character

mI could create a scheme that is unlocked, I don’t know something like a technology panel and you can create new machinery until you reach something totally technological and extreme

is that this is the theme of the game what I propose is moldable to the setting of the game, in fact the game itself has nothing basic, but if the resistance has technology based on scrap that could be improved

In the time period of the game we are smart enough to collect the machine blueprints, that is part of the game. Then we might just be smart enough to build something from them. We collect Resorces and build bases and and all sorts of equipment for them. Maybe we might be smart enought to build an Exoskeleton. Interesting thought.

So, let’s think a moment, we can run 40 km/h, we can fire LMGs and .50 CALs effortlessly from standing, we can carry almost a 100 kilos of stuff without impairing our movement…

We’re already as strong as someone wearing an exosuit! And this is why the FOA exosuit gear is cosmetic. There’s no point of turning this even more into a power fantasy than it already is, you might as well just play Crysis.

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We are machines.
The next generation of machines.
That would be an explanation for all you said plus that we can’t die. We just reboot.
But we don’t know.

That could be an explanation for the titel melody, too… It’s so similar to terminator…



For me the idea behind having an exosuit was for the possibility of having some kind of armor, much like the companion. Or some kind of protection from fall damage. It of course would need some kind of power sourse as well, perhaps they could add some kind of hydrogen power cell, or just batteries. If it ran on a gas combustion engine it would make too much noise.