New Robot Concept: MAULER

My favourite machine type in Generation Zero is by far the RUNNER. Yeah the other are all cool too, but I like the RUNNER the most because of the variety of weapons at their disposal as well as there versatility when it comes to combat. Not to weak in terms of damage dealt and agile, like the hunter.

What I want the new MAULER concept to be is an Inbetweener for the RUNNER and the HUNTER. Stronger the RUNNER in terms of damage dealt at each class level respectively, but not as fast or manoverable as HUNTERS at having the advantage of increased armor when compared to the RUNNER.

In short I want the MAULER to be the Pitbull of Generation Zero!!!

Let me know your thoughts below. Happy Hunting!!!


You’r thinking something like a Lite or Medium Tank?

That is my thought the times when I felt ‘there should be something in between’ Runner and Tank.
Hunter is more a kind of Assault/Jaeger unit and the others is also out of that range scaling up.

I’m also still hoping to see a air or naval thing someday. Probably Air because water is not accessible for us to use and something must had shot down all those fighter planes.

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I would love to see something similar to Ravage from “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”:

Bigger and faster that Runners, with 2 MG’s on top :woozy_face:


Yeah like this but with a Generation Zero twist. Thanks for posting.

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Looked around to see what ideas people have about battle robots.

Images from the searches shows some just looking a lot like Hunters or Tanks but there are some that would fit perfect as the ‘Medium Tank’ or ‘Runners bigger siblings’

A concept artist, Mitchell Mohrhauser, have made these nice looking drawings of battle robots.

Another concept artist with lots of bad ass looking bots, Eli Maffei


Pictures do not show, nor can be seen.
“Image cannot be loaded” the error is.

I can see them just fine.

Or in other words, you’d like something that you can actually hit? Since it’s slower and stiffer than runner and hunter, while having more armor to compensate.

Speaking of runner-like concepts (ideas), some time ago @DystopianGZ posted an interesting concept of smaller form of a runner which i dubbed as Cheetah.
Topic: The Phantom WIP

I find the fast Cheetah much more of a challenge than slow Pitbull.

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Odd, I get an error?

Thank you for telling me.
Seems I need to look for the cause.

I have made something similar before it larger than the Runner and I dubbed it rotator it wa thicker and had a machine gun looking thing for its head but the valves at the ends of the machine gun were trimmed down. It would use solar panels to conjure electric bullets which now just seems stupid.

Jeese FNIX needs to peek at them machines (I am talking about the link)

The runners can sonic-bark attack you, but what if the maulers could use more melee weapons Ike the hunters? They could have claws and/or a powerful bite. Not to mention some kind of guns, of course. What kinds f kinetic weapons (like guns and rockets) do y’all think would go well on this beast?