New robot for gen zero

I saw this on the internet and I thought it would be a cool addition to Gen Zero

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Nice brooooooooooooooooo

Great design.
But I would give it a gun, too.

At least a pistol, maybe a möller on Prototype class, a klauke on Military class, a Magnus in fnix class… And an experimental Magnus on apocalypse class. Or somehow a new gun like a .50 Desert Eagle.

we need some of those spooking up houses at night-time :milky_way: ever play generation zero between 10:00 pm - 1:00 am real world time & also nighttime in the game :cold_sweat: single player, walking into houses and you get creepy vibes someone is upstairs, :dizzy_face: it’s that robot hiding in one the rooms upstairs lol

or a family of 4 robots enjoying dinner in the kitchen as you walk in there & have upset them for ruining there meal

this design is on the internet, but this is what I imagine it would be like. the prototype class would be like this, but the military class could have a gun like the runner SMG but slightly stronger. It would also have armor around the joints and fuel tanks. the FINX class scout could have a gas grenade launcher or a LMG. It would also have a jetpack for mobility and stronger armor. the apocalypse class scout would have a concussion grenade launcher which would knock you off your feet or a rapid-fire LMG that would fire extremely fast bursts as Its main gun and either a jetpack or a tick pod.
There could also be a secret stealth class called stalkers that would only appear at night. Its stats would be a lot similar to a FINX class but instead of guns it would have two blades on its arms and it would have an all-black coat of paint. also instead of a jetpack, it could have a cloaking device that would make it hard to see but not impossible. additionally, instead of just attacking you when it detects you, it stalks you, and when you stop for more than five seconds or attack another robot it will attack additionally, if it stays stalking you for more than one minute it will attack. when it attacks it will lunge at the player and slash at them while emitting a terrifying electronic screech. also, it can pick up weapons. I hope this gets added into Gen zero