New robot: Juggernaut

Something like this has probably been said already but here it goes.

Basically, it would be much bigger and tougher than a tank with a wide variety of weapons, seeing as it would be huge and slow it would most likely need it. I’m not sure what it should look like so I leave that to the devs or anyones imagination, wish I had something in mind.

Not sure if it’s just me but tanks are pretty easy to deal with atm, even solo, unless you’re fighting a horde of runners and hunters as well. My hopes with this robot would be that fighting it alone, although possible, would be extremely hard, but with a squad would be much more achievable, thus deterring or even scaring players away, presenting a new and highly feared/intimidating presence to the game.

I’d love to see something like this implemented, the tanks alone are big and intimidating enough at times but I feel like something even bigger would fit right in. just my thoughts.


While in itself, I could see such a behemoth implemented, it is a big target.
It would also be very limited in implementation due to the size, it would need to be in more open areas.

A Juggernaut could also be smaller as a tank, size does not matter…


@Xogroroth it could be placed largely throughout the farmlands region, with only one spawning somewhere within the region. And could possibly be a defensive enemy calling for backup because of its mobility.

If I however made a machine, it would be one that could be used ‘everywhere’, but that’s me.


Yeah I was thinking of where it could spawn and it would need more open areas, still the idea is interesting. I wouldn’t mind if it were to only spawn in open areas, there’s plenty of them around for it to work. Could also have a certain number spawn at one time and not in fixed places, that way it would be more random and people would have a harder time farming/running into it.

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