New robot: STALKER

STALKER: follows player when it notices you, all the lights turn off on the robot when it sees you and one of the only ways it stands out when hiding is its center eye will always have a small red dot in it, it can be detected by you when you use the detection bar every robot has when it starts noticing you, it can be lured by flairs or boom boxes but you never know if it’s behind you so watch your back, when you stay still for about 3 seconds it will fire a 50. Cal round (that takes 4 seconds to reload via bolt action and the shells will eject out the top) that will take you right down to 10 or even 1 health, it will shoot at you if you look at it 5 seconds and if you fire a round at it it will stay still unless the round hits, then it will get up and inaccuratly fire rounds at you when running around, it will stop and fire rounds at you to get a accurate shot on you, it can’t cloak but it can be painted to be hidden, it’s alittle larger then the runner robots, it drops 50. Cal rounds when you kill it. Like so devs look at my post pls :rofl: also if I get 100 likes I’ll make a piece of art of it.


Stalkers should be invisible to you, entirely.
You would be able to HEAR them, just not “see” (the detection bar) them…
Otherwise I DO like this idea a LOT!

Well done.

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I agree strongly with this idea about making robots that are almost invisible and are difficult to detect but, I also think it should be balanced by reducing the health points of this machine when compared to the hunter. I also think it would be relatively balanced if this machine is focused heavily on a melee offense and has a crappy defence. What do you think?

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Machines already are so weak…
And bloody stupid.
You can run into a pack and need to wait like 10 seconds before they figure out what to do.

you just think it is invisible because it’s movements are so slow that they are imperceptible


Question, how does this detection that we have work?
Military could easily have overcome that, somehow.

PS: I never said invisible, just DAMN hard to pick it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the idea of a robot that could be invisible. It’s sounds very cool. I think the damage it does is way to high though. Maybe lower it to 20-35 health left.

“Invisible” is not correct, STEALTHY is, then.
Stealth soldiers are not invisible, just well hidden and quiet. :wink:

That what I was thinking.

It wouldn’t do only 65 damage…if you got shot with a 50 cal you would probably be dead in real life

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Lol You would definitely die in real life, a single round would tear your body in two, big puff of red mist. :exploding_head:

If you think is big, check out 40mm. :grin:

Actually… pink mist…
Merely saying, sir.

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You knew what I meant, Mr. 1st Lieutenant Sir.
I’m not quite sure how you gentleman salute but here you go! :wave: :grin:

Best I could do, no salute emoji.

Actually, there is one… o7 or O7 :wink:

Guys. Unless you’ve got something useful to add to the discussion of the topic, don’t resurrect threads that are 9 months old.

This idea for a new robot is creative but seemingly overpowered.

If you put a picture now it might be noticed we wont know exactly what you want unless we can see it. It needs to be eye catching for people and especially the devs DONT FORGET the main design is animals so since your tag is raven that could give you inspiration!

Hope to see your idea some time because this post is almost 1yr old so make your idea noticable and you might have your robot IN THE GAME