New runner Modules

Hi I was discussing about new runner modules in the discord and carni said I should create a threat on the forum, so here I am.
A few examples would be:
• Capacity Module - more inventory space
• Emp module - random chance of dealing Emp
damage with the equipped weapon
• Saddle module - makes you able to ride your companion

There are so many more options and I would really like to see new modules in the upcoming updates


I’d like to add a trophy system module which protects the player from incoming projectiles with a chance of x%.

Adding to the distractor module you mentioned in another topic, it could have an installed boombox which starts playing as soon as the companion is in combat. By that we get some music during battles and the companion attracts more machines.

5c-Armor for the companion would be appreciated… And maybe even an experimental armor-type which for example could deflect damage to the attacking machines or could cause EMP effects in a short radius around the companion.


Trophy system would be an interesting addition, for sure, yeah. Could be included in or separate from a “Defensive Countermeasures” module. Could randomly pop smoke, deploy flares, and intercept incoming rockets/missiles, or other enemy weapons fire. Smoke and flares would have to be loaded, like the medic upgrade—make sure we’ve got some kind of smoke rounds or smoke grenades in the dog’s inventory, same for the different flares. Maybe use shotgun shells for the intercept function? Some of those intercept/Trophy systems do use shotgun shells, depending on the manufacturer, etc…

Mad, Echelon and you talked for a moment about a field radio now being deployable on vehicles. If we look at the companion, they actually seem to have a field radio mounted to them, I think on the left side—opposite their weapon. Depending on whether armor is fitted and in good condition, the radio may be hidden partially by the armor… That field radio being made functional, for co-op regrouping, might be another idea for a new module. Like the medic option, we’d have to put a field radio or two in the companion’s inventory, like making sure it has batteries/parts to make the radio work, and they’d be consumed on use over time…

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