New safehouse idea

So ive been playing generation zero since launch and ive dreamed about a safehouse twice! So i tought maybe its a good idea to share it with you guys, so the first one is like a crashed cargo plane wich is seperated to 3 different pieces, The cockpit is sitting ontop of a small cliff and below there is like a camoflauged trench-kind of base. The second one is an apartment building with its like roof section blown off by a tank. You know when you go to the up the stair and theres the 3 doors? I dreamed that one of the doors was broken and was open, then there was a crawl space to a small hatch witch lead to a room, Then there was an NPC like a teen with small equipment, Then there appeared a speeker wich tried to mimic human voices. So im guessing these were just some weird dreams. But hey do you think they would make a good safehouse?

They sound cool. And I do wish there could’ve been more in the way of setting up camp/fortifying safe houses etc