New safehouse outside of playable area?


I just travelled north from IGA Facility and I noticed a new safehouse icon just east of Lennart’s Marin AB.

Could anyone verify?


At first I thought it had simply gotten stuck on seeing the Yttervik safehouse which is on the other side somewhere, but the direction is off. Interesting find! If you look at @Saddletank’s relay beacon map it’s definitely not Yttervik.


Just launched myself over there, nothing for now except the safe house marker. but maybe a sign of things to come? who knows…


This sounds a lot like an exploit, so I’m going to clean this thread up a bit and strongly encourage people not to go there. What you do on your own is fine, but please don’t post about it as it’s clearly not meant to be a place you’re meant to visit ingame yet.


I gotta say you push your roll way too far way too often. This is why one person alone shouldn’t moderate a forum, you can’t make the call entirely on your own whether or not something is an exploit and you should not delete comments unless the are vulgar, or disrespectful to the community/devs in some way. i’d say giving this a spoilers mark would be a good call but deleting the comment and “cleaning” things up is not the way you should go about being a mod unless things absolutely call for it.


I am adhering to the forum Code of Conduct regarding this matter.

It is strictly prohibited to exploit any bug in the service or in any Avalanche Studios product to gain unfair advantage in the game and/or communicating the existence of any such bug (either directly or through the public posting) to any other user.

Was there anything else you wanted to discuss? We can take it in private messages.


Xezr, with all due respect for your role and your work, I would agree with tene. The Code of Conduct applies of course, but does exploring and/or documenting this lead to any advantage? Let alone an unfair advantage?


It doesn’t but @Xezr wasn’t willing to discuss it sadly. I’ve still made a youtube video on it at least so hey if you want we can discuss it over there where comments wont be deleted :smiley:


Gentlemen, @Xezr is tending the bar here, and I think he is doing a great job. I find him fair and accommodating, and he tidies the threads and keeps conversation civil. He contributes a lot and - as I see it - tries to serve the best interest of the game and the community. I have myself been mildly reprimanded when I started up something that perhaps should be left for future updates to reveal. I am just as eager as anybody else to explore more, but I would hate to spoil the future storyline by going somewhere that should be left unseen for now. But that is just my humble opinion. Cheers and peace.


@IanForce I believe I understand what he is doing and further I can imagine that it’s all being done with the best intent. However, I do question that this gives any advantage and certainly not an unfair one at that. Hence my question posed to @Xezr In no way am I suggesting Xezr is doing a poor job.


I’m not trying to play dictator guys. I’m myself guilty of exploring the map past the playable areas, I even made a youtube video of it. Though at the time I didn’t think much of it, and I wasn’t a mod back then. I’m just trying to be cautious around it now, that the game is getting worked on properly, and more people are playing it, to prevent more glitches from happening.

It’s not written specifically in the Code of Conduct that these specific exploits should be avoided, but it’s the kind of thing I’ll have to consider if it’s okay or not. And this time I decided it was a bit much. At the same time I don’t know how much lenience the devs have with this sort of thing, I just try to enforce the rules.


You do take it too far at times.


I remember the time we all had fun and it brought a lot of the community together including the one and only @Xezr who to be fair has left this whole Thread untouched , Getting to the unavailable islands maybe we can just chill a little and thank the guy for trying to be fair , meanwhile i suppose if modding is allowed a thread , then maybe we keep our scientific out of bounds research in one place like in Thread above , cheers forum friends :+1:


No, I’ll post what i want where i want as long as im not being rude to someone in the community or the team, then xezr has no say over that stuff. And if i ever post something truly exploitative, you can PM me and have a reliably more mature conversation than i had with xezr.
I think that’s the most damning part for our “friend” here, if he had have just had a simple talk with me over messages then it wouldn’t be so utterly gross how this situations turned out, but instead he decided to be butthurt that i called him out on making a poor call as mod. :man_shrugging:


But im past this anyway so that’s the last thing i’ll say on this subject.


You just can’t let this go, can you? You keep saying you’re past it, both to me in PM’s and out here on the forum, then proceed to vent it again in some vain hope for recognition. Not only is it off-topic, you’re also coming across as toxic for no apparent reason other than a deleted post by a moderator.

I can go into detail about how incredibly immature you acted towards me PM, which by the way any other Admin or Dev can testify to as they can read our posts as well. But I won’t do that, because enough has been said already.

What I can do, is ask you to back off, take a break and consider for a moment what you’re doing. You’re not contributing anything to this forum as it is, and for that alone I’m giving you some time off.

If you want to take that to Customer Support, or to the Admin then do so. I’m sure they can help you. But don’t come here and insult me on a personal level just because you happen to disagree with a post being deleted because you broke the rules.

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