New Survey and $100 USD Raffle

There’s a new survey available to participate in today. It’s not as in-depth as the last one but it asks a lot of interesting questions.

If you’re over 16 and you make it to the end you can enter your Email for a chance to win an ambiguous gift card worth “around $100 USD”. There’ll be 5 winners.

The survey is accessible from the main menu or via this link:

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This smells phishy to me.

Considering it’s prominently featured on the main menu, I imagine it’s pretty legit.

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Seems to me this survey comes from Nordisk Games. If you go onto the “What we do” site (What we do at Nordisk Games) and scroll down to the 5th panel you find a screenshot of GZ. They are somehow linked to this game.

Good find @VladTheInhaler.

Went digging to see what Nordisk’s deal is, found this website. I guess they invest in and ‘support’ games.

I thought this line was interesting: “We are proud to own an independent and award-winning game studio like Avalanche Studios Group”

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Yes, it’s legit :slight_smile:


Can confirm, it is indeed legit.


Nordisk owns Avalanche…

So, have the $100 gift cards been distributed yet? Haven’t heard anything about it since the survey itself.


Winners have been contacted a while back, but thanks for checking in!

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