New Threats for GZ

Who’s hoping this little skit from the dev’s mean at least one new machine.

I still think the machines need a flying unit. Makes sense for them from a tactical point of view as history shows, rule the sky’s you can rule the ground.

The machine i’m thinking of could have two types

1st. Heavy brawler type, armed with a heavy machine gun or two and more willing to use then than the land tanks. is heavily armoured and willing to get close to deal the damage
Size wise? i’m thinking large and semi tank size to make it feel intimidating and oppressive with a gun pod under each wing

2nd. Fire support type, armed with either the rocket volley or single shot rocket (im thinking the rocket volley to be more of a pain). But tries to stay at range due to been lightly armoured and weaker overall and using its maneuverability to avoid incoming fire.
Size wise? small but moderate to make it a little harder to hit while it stays at range, 2-3 clips worth of solid hits from a 7.62 would bring it down


And for a bit more out there type of craft. How about a troop transport drop ship. carrying say 10 hunters with a 3 second deploy time of each hunter. This could be silently called in via seekers 10-30% of the time instead of them sounding off a horn for the ground units putting a new fear into seekers especially coming across them in the open. You wouldn’t know if they’ve radioed for support or still haven’t spotted you.

Design would be opened bottom with the hunters secured around the chest (top half of hunters tucked up inside transport ship and leaving the waist down area exposed) and be dropped from 2nd story building height. Not only looking cool and menacing. this provides a chance of damaging or destroying a couple of hunters before their deployed if the ship flys overhead.
Possibly have single SMG to deter players getting to close while the hunters are been deployed

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I’ve changed the title since it was a little misleading, this isn’t an official dev log.


Sorry, just read that in one of their post’s

I think thats a really awesome idea. A flying robot is just what GZ needs. Everything is on the ground except for…sort of the seekers.

What would the two bots look like. Like, what would there general design besides the guns be?

Great ideas here. Seeing the same robots again and again gets a little monotonous after a while. New ones would definitely help.

A drop ship would be super cool! You’d have to make the ship invincible though, or realllly tanky, which would be fine.

I always thought that a flying machine that seekers bring in would be awesome. The flying machine would drop machines on/ near you. Could be anything from a runner to a reaper.

After finishing all mission and side mission, there’s not much to do but level up 2nd 3rd and 4th character. Socks when you run into seekers and there are no other machines around to fight. Had 1 seeker bring in 5 other seekers. How if a flying machine came and started dropping some real machines to fight would of been great.

But before new machines and this building they plan on bringing I would prefer some quality of life inprovements

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It would be nice if more machines than just more seekers would come.

What would be cool is, the more seekers that sound their alarm, the more machines come running.

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Hard to explain and I definitely dont have the skills to draw them.

The Transport,
would just be a bulky and extremely armoured rectangularish shape body. with four turbofan type engines mounted out on pylons which come out and raise up and out on a rough 60 degree angle. (picture a H pattern shape looking from above not a typical RL drone X shape. So the engine are mounted higher than the main body. These engines would still be armoured, but a possibly and still not easy way to take it down.
The engines can only pivot on the fore and aft axis giving all movement except sideways. can still turn 360 on the spot.

The main Heavy armoured slower Combat version,
Happy to try and cross a plane and attack helicopter here (the machines have seen our versions of each and are trying to improve/adapt to the concept for CAS work)
Google Eve Prophecy for those that don’t know the shape. Its gives a bit of an Idea of what i’m trying to achieve. The body wont be all curved and rounded and still retain the boxy machine built look.
But it gives the idea of the plane/helicopter look.
Lengthen the wings a tad to give room for one large turbo fan type engines to be mounted internally in each wing and the bulk size of the wing gives the armour protection.
For a little faster travel when not in combat it has two small jet engines mounted close to the centre line with the air intake section scalloped out inwards on the top so its away from ground fire.
Total size wise id put it at 2x the size of the fighter jets you find in the hangers length and width but more bulky height wise.

Fire Support,
This guy will have a round body plus have the raised pylon look of the transport but with only 3 engines set in a Y configuration to keep in nimble like the seekers.
Size wise im thinking the height overall of a hunter, the main body as round as a hunter but obviously this tapers wider towards the engines.
This unit will have no armour to keep it fast and agile.

But, the more ive been thinking about this, I think having the fire support drone mounted with the single large calibre machine gun using it from range as a harasser and having the combat version armed with the rocket pods and gun turrets.
Id like the combat drone to be a lot harder to take down compared to a tank but obviously not as common to come a cross as them either.
Weapon wise I know there would be variations to suit the different sub classes (or would these just be made Fnix class since their designed by the machines???) Black and red death from above, I like the Fnix only idea

But the best weak points to the transport and combat drone would be directly underneath firing up into the engines (but still not too easy to pull off to make these units pointless)
besides who wants to stand under the dropship while its unloading the hunters right next to you

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I like these ideas, they sound like a good edition to the game.

Maybe there could be another option that’s sort of a hybrid between the drop ship and fire support, that drops grenades on the player from above.