New to game,first impression, my experience


I’m really new to this, I bought the game 3 days ago at book off thinking for its price I was thinking just going to get a kick for a few hours. Turns out me and my girl friend both love the game even though we didn’t have a save option for ps4 we both were really upset about it cause we took turns seeing how far we can make it off line. It didn’t discourage me. I felt bad cause shes a hard core rpg player and she loves to collect things. Even calls her inventory her treasures. She logged back in and poof restarted to the beginning. So I went here to see whats up. Figured the update might fix something for us. I just got finished with trying the update. I think shes going to be very happy I might warn her to keep the difficulty low. But from the first version to this most recent version just to discover the developers are actively making the game better with a community there with the helping hand. I see why really good reviewers are calling this game a :gem: gem. Me and friends sat around it today and got laughs, scares and a satisfying challenge. We kinda passed the controller around learning from eachother failures like local split screen. Trying all different approaches. It was great fun that way. I still never crossed the bridge to the bigger islands. I’m still not that far into the game
There is one thing I would love to have seen. I’ve noticed alot of battles across the map. And what looked like fresh warzones upon approach to these location. I wish I could of heard gun fire and explosions as a indicator that there was a fight going on or npc’s still fighting maybe even some people you can save. Also wild life like deer, moose, foxes, and etc local to this area in Sweden kinda hoping that they are completely ignored by the robots… Since there were birds. Or in the night a flare goes up in the air attracting you towards it. Then bam it’s a trap set up by the robots. Well even with out those things this game is great. I feel it would be a missed opportunity not to do at least some of these things. I felt it was a rush against time like eventually the power to the buildings would go out if I moved to slow since there was a absence of humans now. Or even the car batteries slowly died and the lights went out. That’s just how the game made me feel. I love this game either way.


If you have the right mindset, you might even get hooked by it. I really love to sneak around in this game, and even though I have almost everything done, I want to go there. The sounds, the weather it all builds atmosphere. I just love to roam around and discover things you are most likely to miss when you are following the story missions.


Enjoy it, it really is the hidden gem of the gaming world. Glad to hear you like it, as @Gysbert said you can get hooked with right mindset (me). Even in late game it is still fun, though make sure not to do multiplayer early game as some people may give you super good weapons way early ruins the fun a bit (known from experience )! :grinning: