New types of Quest


This Post is going to be a long one so I am splitting it in 2 Chapters.

In the current State of GZ me and my veteran friends, came to the conclusion that the overall Quests in GZ can be very monotone
(rivals, base defense, collecting letters)
The Problem itself isn’t the quests itself but the fact that they are very short… and non repeatable

This is boring for Veterans that wait for new content and have almost nothing else to do…

So my Idea for some fresh Air is Following:

2 New Mission Types: Delivery/Bounty

Bounty works by adding a new Mission whiteboard to the Resistance HQ in which you can start a Bounty Hunt on a new type of Enemy
“Enhanced Rival”

The Rival will be slightly different for example

A Hunter which has :
+Higher fire Rate
+Random Bullet effect.( Radio/Fire/Poison)
+Increased Durability

  • Faster Shoulder Weapon Cooldown

The Mission itself has multiple variants:
Variant 1: No Time Limit
Variant 2: Time Limit
Variant 3: No Respawn (Death= Failed)

Chapter 2


In delivery you will upon accepting the Quest
get a map marker leading to a random selected location where you will find following

Variant 1: Empty location, void of activity
Variant 2: Active Enemy’s
Variant 3: Resistance NPC’s

In V1 You need to find a Lost Package called “supply crate”

In V2 It’s the same but after clearing the Area

In V3 you talk to the highlighted NPC

After receiving your Package you have to deliver it to the assigned Location (randomized)

Here’s the Twist
This Package can have different Variants
Which you select before starting delivery.

V1 Medicinal Supply
V2 Ammunition Supply
V3 Intel
V4 Electronics

Alternative Harder version:
(Time Limit)

Each has its own Difficulty

V1 Medicinal Supply’s are to be handled with care (Glas, liquids,)
The Player is unable to fast travel or use vehicles.

V2 Ammunition is VERY heavy
Decreases your inventory space dramaticly and stamina recovers slower

V3 Intel is Light and can be delivered quickly.
But enemy’s will spawn and hunt you

V4 Electronics are Important resources for the Resistance and Fenix. Enemy’s will hunt you now and then in small groups.

Twist 2 the Rescouces are to be delivered intact.
So here’s the interesting part:

Each time you get downed the Quality of the package drops.
You can be downed 3X until the package is considered Unusable. You won’t get a reward.


Given the difficulty these missions will give you
Following things from a randomiser

Ammo. 100% Chance

Medical supply’s 100% Chance

Rescouces 100% Chance

Rare Rescouces 80% Chance (Copper) 50 Units
50% Chance (Uranium) 10 Units

Exp Ammo 50% Chance
Exp weapon 30% Chance

If the package was damaged,
half the drop possibility

Please tell me your opinion if this would be a good addition :wink:

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I would love to see that.
Of course I don’t know if I would do them more often than the current assignments, but it would be an exciting addition.

This and my ideas for the DLC item drops and for improved rival system and random attacks on resistance bases could bring some more fun and action to the game. It’s the randomness the game could benefit off a lot.

Anything else is just:
Go for fmtel, check what’s possible to do or not too time consuming, do assignments and wander your favorite routes for destroying as many machines as possible, destroy some fnix bases, hunt the grown up rivals, repeat.
Some might use some time to fortify their bases, maybe some do a base defense mission.
But it’s all triggered by the players or need some action by them.