New update 27th March

After the update today 27th March.
I lost my.
PVG 90, Scope, magazine 6 stars, and ammo 100 rounds.
Kvm Experiment, 6 star silence, 6 stars Magazine, 2 x Red dot scope.

Lucky enough I stored spare of them in the companion along with the attachments except the Kvm magazine 6 stars , again Lucky to have a 3 star in the Fmtel reward trunk.

Thank some random supreme being I couldn’t even update. Hell, I couldn’t even play without the update, even though that was suggested.
They’ll have it figured out in no time in Sweden, patience.

Sorry to hear you’ve lost some items. Please make a proper bug report, not much that can be done otherwise.

Didn’t think so, but just to let you know.
Learnt to put some experiments that I like into the companion for reserves.
Thanks for the reply
Regards Paul

Pacman, what system do you play on?

You might have some luck getting replacements from some other generous players, if you happen to be on the same platform.

I’m on the Xbox, and do have some spares, for example.