New Update Idea

Hello to everyone! I have an idea for a future update in 2023, an update containing optimizations, new additions and rebalacing to the game.

Here are the additions that I want to see in the future:

-Optimization (bug and crash fixes-Homeward Challenge and more)

-Crafting Rebalancing

-Mark All As Seen option (Missions Log)

-Mission Displayed in the Chronological Order

-Apparel Sorting Options

-Track Challenge option (Challenge progress is displayed in the HUD)

-Assigment Progress displayed in the HUD as a Mission

-New Outfit (Soviet Exosuit-drops from Firebird)

-New Weapon Skins (Möller PP, KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon, KVM 59 Machine Gun, PVG Sniper Rifle, Automatgäver 4 and Automatgäver 5)

-New Melee Weapon Skins (Sledgehammer, Brännboll Bat)

-New Side Missions (new NPCs and stories)

-New Main Mission Revamps

-New Experimental Attachments (a Scope that allows you to track enemies)

-New Collectables (Mountains Region)

-New Locations and Regional Revamps (Mountains Region)

-New Free Building Pack (new Structures)

-Resistance Weapon Pack 2 (new Weapons, Ammo and Attachments)

-New Mission Expansion DLC (new Island, new NPCs, new Missions, new Challenges, new Outfits, new locations)

What do you think? This update could be nice?

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Sounds great so far, but could go into detail?
For now all the suggestions sound like the sum of whole years roadmap.

What do you mean? There is almost no chronological order for the missions. At least most side missions and all the main missions from the command bunkers can be found and started whenever you want.

This would indeed be great.

I mean the Missions should be displayed in the chronological order in the Log to be more organized and DLC Missions should be unlocked later if you start a new game

Again. Which chronological order? The order in which you found the missions or in which you finished them? There is no fixed chronological order for most of the missions.

With that I totally agree and that has been a big thing at least since Generation Zero came to xbox gamepass. There were so many players who tried the game but quit early, because they went after archipelago directly to himfjäll… And that was too hard for them.

At least you should unlock all warboards in the command bunkers to be able to start the dlc missions.

Good idea. I mean that the Missions should be placed in the Log from Archipelago to North Coast and then DLC Missions. I think this will make navigation easier.

I got it, but there is no order. After you unlocked archipelago command bunker you’re free. You may continue with north coast, go to south coast, then forest, wood, marchlands himfjäll and last but not least farm lands. And if you like you just unlock the warboards, do the main missions in random order and then start to look for the side missions.

That’s ok, but let’s agree that there really could be some kind of order given.