New update system?

Hi Hell here again, i was thinking, what i rekon would make gen Z even better is small updates to fix little things each fortnight or week to keep things being fixed and fresh, and something new each time,as well as make it easier to solve some issues that everyone has instead of waiting for major update which would leave gameplay some times impossible to occur

Also that would be able to be used to fix small crashes that occur, for eg…

1.Battling the reaper and crash

2.island crash with or without friends on

3.improving the GUI of the features and bugs that have arisen after the previous updates

  1. multiplayer bug that may cause no connection, or little gameplay with friends

and many more, in my eye this entire setup would mean that the team doesnt have to do everything at once, but just enough to keep it being fixed easier and keep us wondering whats next to be added or fixed for better and more fun gameplay

thanks hell

Possible on PC? Yes.
Possible on consoles? Not so much.

With consoles, there is a validation process that has to take place, before Sony and Micro$oft allow updates for their consoles. And that, as far as i know, happens once a month.

They aren’t. I don’t know if you know about this, but there is a thing called “bug priority”. Most severe bugs (e.g game not launching, missing POIs on Himfjäll etc) are dealt 1st. As the severity falls, so does the attention to those bugs. While at the end of the list, are bugs that doesn’t affect the gameplay and are just minor visual issues.

Out of the 4 you listed, 3 aren’t “small” issues (1st, 2nd and 4th). In fact, they are big ones since it takes loads of time to find out why those happen.
First, devs have to be able to recreate the issue in-house, and reliably, so they can see what goes wrong. And once the reason is found, the fix must be developed that fixes that issue WITHOUT messing up any other part of the game. ← That is one, complex and very time consuming thing to do.

When it comes to the software, be it a game, OS or any other program; the most amount of time is always spent on troubleshooting the issue. To find out exactly why this happens.

Weekly updates for such a complex game, as GZ is, can’t be done. Well, it can be done if dev team isn’t small (add 0 to the current number of devs) or when GZ wouldn’t be that complex of a game (which it is).


that i get, but even if it’s small gives the xbx 1 players and platform that there is still somthing being fixed and updating before the resistance comes in

What would you propose fixing that is a small issue?