New update thoughts


First off I notice that the machines seem not more intintive then before they seem justs as clueless as to whats going on even after ive shot and killed a few of them. Also the combat on xbox has majorly improved cause before the framerates would significantly drop during combat not anymore. Edit: After playing more the experience im sad to say got a lot worse. The lag was back to its normal and the gun firing sound effects were extremly off. I hope this gets fixed. Also devs please try your very best to fix the lag on xbox while in combat.


In ps4 a “teamfight” makes the game SOOOOOO slow that even to throw a granade , you will only kill yourself xD because the granade will stay near you EVEN if you run away from the spot you throw it ahhahah , and the teamfight i said is when you ahve the 4 players vs the tanks harvasters and the dogs and hunters all together for example in the airfield it gets so laggy that makes ppl crash the game…


It makes me mad because grant did say before the game was released that we should have and i quote ¨buttery smooth frame rates¨ also ive had that grenade problem since release and its killed me several times in battle.