New weapon augment suggestion

I believe that this may be a really good augmentation idea

Primary augmentation

Augmentation name: Full auto conversion

For Simi-auto rifles and handguns

Bronze: Weapon fires in full auto -10% damage

Silver: full auto rate of fire increased by 15% -15% damage

Gold: full auto rate of fire increased by 25% -25% damage

Some of the reasons why I think this is a good idea.
I believe this will bring life to some of the off meta weapons like the S21 and the Kotenok by giving them the ability to fire in full auto like battle rifles as well as making the five Crown PVG 90 into a really hard to control but also really hard hitting machine gun. I also believe that this augmentation can pair well with other support augmentations like Oversized Mag and Stabilization.

(Note to those who are interested in this the stats are subject to change based on what the devs deem necessary)

Instead of decreasing damage I would decrease accuracy or increase recoil.

I think, without optical changes to the weapons going along with this, it doesn’t feel good.
The semi automatic weapons in general just have a small magazine, even with, if even available, an extended magazine.

For the Bolt Action rifles it wouldn’t make much sense to have a full auto mode. For a pump action shotgun the same.

For the klauke, well, it’s almost as fast as your finger is.

S21 and kotenok it may be ok, but that’s the only ones in my eyes.

rather a recoil % than a damage drop. that would be much more consistant to reality

but def a interesting idea

I see what you your saying but with they way I have designed this augment a recoil increase would be overkill because most of the weapons this would work on have alot of recoil by default. So a damage nerf seemed like the best option this wouldn’t be the first augment to nerf damage either. The stabilization augment nerfs your damage by 10% at gold tier.

also a reason I personally would never use it :rofl: any damage loss and I immediately move on.

like honestly 80% of the new augments I would never entertain. again thats a personal thing.

Where is the pro argument if you reduce the damage?
That wouldn’t make the guns more interesting.

the only weapon that falls into the semi-auto to full auto variant would be the klouch anyhow. and damage loss on that… meh… nah. any other semi-auto doesn’t rightly have a place now that i think about it. I retract previous statement on it be an interesting idea. Back to the drawing board chap!!

I agree this idea needs more time in the oven I will continue to think about it and improve it maybe I’ll remove the idea of a rate of fire increase for a magazine size increase and decrease or completely remove the damage Nerf the only reason I suggested a damage Nerf for the augment was because I think it would be too powerful without it in its current state

It doesn’t make any gun more powerful.
Same number of bullets but in slightly shorter time because you can hold the trigger instead of pulling it for every shot.

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In most games when fire rates increase base DMG decrease. This is normal for balancing the DPS. As long as the mag isn’t too small for the fire rate a higher firing rate will actually pass the DPS of the semi auto form. However if the mag is too small the fr is wasted on too many reloading breaks and the dps falls. Sadly any of the guns that are worth doing this to are going to need the mag augment and they already have big recoil so mag augment is going to be rough with even more recoil added.