New Weapon Augments Suggestions

Hi, I’ve come up with a few new augment designs for these three weapon categories.

- Rocket/Grenade Launchers
× Smaller Blast Radius but Higher Damage
LVL1: 25% Smaller Radius 15% Higher Damage
LVL2: 40% Smaller Radius 30% Higher Damage
LVL3: 60% Smaller Radius 50% Higher Damage
- Pistols
× First bullet in the chamber deals double damage
LVL1: Applies for first bullet after reload
LVL2: Applies for first and second bullet after reload
LVL3: Applies for first, second and third bullet after reload
- Assault Rifles
× Destruction of machine have a chance to return 5 Ammo.
LVL1: 20%
LVL2: 40%
LVL3: 60%
× Faster reload speed
LVL1: 10%
LVL2: 20%
LVL3: 30%

I would like to know your opinions guys, i will maybe add few more in later topics, i think that augments does a lot to the gameplay and it is important to have more variants. :slight_smile:

I know that you propably find this really funny but please just make your own thread if you wanna post things like this :+1: