New Weapon pack Ideas

So I posted this on another forum which was general discussion but I wanted to make a new one more focused on new weapon ideas. Keeping them 80’ s themed.

British weapons - (Already talked about this but figured it was better here)
L85 - Bullpup Assault rifle
L86 - Lmg version of the L85
L96 - Bolt action sniper maybe use a new round Lapua Magnum rounds could match or at least very close to the 50 cal so you could have a high damage suppressed sniper.

German weapons -
HK - G11 kinda sci fy but a cool gun none the less
HK - MSG - 90 A semi auto sniper like the Kotenok
HK69a1 - Single shot grenade launcher would be cool to have something lighter than rpgs that could do emp grenades maybe carry as a secondary does not do damage like the 2 rocket launchers but could do some decent damage.

Israel Weapons
Galil assault rifle - Always a great gun
Desert Eagle - Who doesn’t want a 50 cal hand cannon
Mini Uzi - Just a reason to say UZI 9mm in Arnolds voice

Like I said trying to focus ideas for weapons around the 80-s but I have seen another person bring up WW2 era weapons which would be also cool. Thompson - MP40 - MP44 - M1grand (Who doesn’t love hearing that PING) - MG42 (gonna need lots of bullets)


Some new or different weapons or more differences for the existing ones would be cool.

In my eyes weapons of other nations don’t make much sense for the story/the setting of the game, except the soviet and US weapons that are already there.
But the idea of some ww2 or other ancient guns isn’t bad. Why not could there be some farmers who have these ancient guns in their houses or barns?

I miss a good old double barreled shotgun with much power but just two shots.

Or one with shortend barrels as a handgun.

Or some more meele weapons like a shovel, a pike, some axes, a sword or something else.

But there must be more noticeable advantages and disadvantages for all the weapons in each category, so that I have to choose wisely.
What about overheating for the LMGs when constantly firing? Or if an assaultrifle gets stuck and has to be fixed before shooting on?

All weapons must be somehow worth to be used instead of others.

Maybe a kvm59 just can use 7.62 AP bullets, the AI-76 just 7.62 FMJ bullets and the AG4 both as an example. :man_shrugging:

Butif htere whould be ww2 wepons then it whould be better if only Swedish weapons, maybe some german. M1 garand didnt exist in Sweden, we have in most time have almost always made our own weapons, or atleast variants of other countries. And farmers that have ww2 weapons then it whould not be like a mg42 or a mp40, it whould be more like a Lahti or Swedish mauser.


When it comes to WW2 weapons it would be easy as they would be owned by gun collectors and maybe a military base that was left unchecked by the military after WW2 has some of them left over. US could have sold them arms in this games universe. However when it comes to weapons of other countries and how they could have got there, easiest way to explain is that fenix is no longer in just Sweden maybe it is started to take over in other countries. Spreading kind of like skynet (If this has already been explained in game apologies I have not beaten every story mission just yet nor have I found all notes that may have explained this). This could have caused Special Forces of other countries to come to Sweden to attempt to kill fenix. This would also be an easy set up for a sequel if they wanted to and maybe even place it in another country. That would be best in another discussion

These are just thoughts, thinking of some of cool guns that could be included mainly cause of the time line. Like I said earlier though I would prefer more experimentals. Like if the RPG could have lock on tracking, or if the AK or M16 could get some kind of under barrel grenade launcher. I do like more melee weapons though. A Pickaxe could be more effective against armor.