New Weapons For Future & Schematics

Mauser C96: It was a gun made in 1920s-1930s It could come with a stock attachment, Came in a 7.63 or the 9mm we all know. It could also be fully automatic. And it’s a pistol, Came in either a magazine form (The 9mm & Full Auto) or it’s older counter part that was a top loader clip feed also a 9mm and the 7.63 variant. A very good gun for the sidearm category and quite Iconic fitting even the time frame there is also clones of this gun across the world.

MAC10/11 Both: Was produced in 1970 MAC10 used .45 ACP while MAC11 used .380 ACP they were ultra compact SMGs

The H&K VP70: Was designed in 1970 it’s one of the oddest weapons as it could work with a switch based on the stock. Which made the weapon a Burst fire 3 shot pistol. This makes the pistol able to switch on and off a Burst vs Single Fire (Only military models had the 3 Round Burst Stock and feature) and was one of the few guns of it’s time with a double stack mag of 18 capacity. It also used the 9mm ammo.

A Double Barrel Shotgun or either Over&Under or SideBySide would be very Iconic. It shouldn’t be a ultra power house but it is quite the novelty and makes a good starting shotgun in some cases.

The M79 Grenade Launcher. This is a 1961 relic and allows for another explosive form weapon. Using Arch fire and can come in a shotgun like use for a larger power load spread shot. As they are fairly potent tools. A Smoke/Fragment/40mm Buckshot could be with said weapon as a slightly less potent version of the RPGs. And would use Arch launching tacts instead. (It’s due note that RPGs do not “arm” or even “launch grenades” at a certain distance and just SMACK with kinetic force into their targets if they don’t hit a certain trigger range. which is a safety feature of explosive ordinance.) While Recoiless rifle (THE RPGs) have a “blow back” that is quite deadly.

Atchisson AA-12: An old and trustworthy shotgun that is Magazine fed before even 1980s. It’s a well known automatic shotgun. The downside of said shotgun is…It can ONLY go fully automatic. But most people can feather the trigger enough due to it’s low rate of fire since it only has a rate of fire of 300 RPM. Making it a fairly easy to just “toggle” Or have players deal with it’s automatic nature and feather their presses manually. It comes in a external 8 shell box mag or a 20/32 drum mag for the magazine types. This would give shotguns a Mag feed variant over a hand fed internal mag.

Schematics for “Pipe Bombs”, “Smoke Pipes”, “Junk Mines” for make shift weapons consumables along with Adhesive + the Emergency Flare schematics to make Sticky Flares.

These are some suggestions I’m very happy with how you guys have so many interesting weapons about as it is and hope to see more in the future.

I do kinda hope you fuse weapon packs up more than just giving 3 star weapons with some ammo. It would be appreciative to include ammo making schematic collectables, and hunt down missions for the DLC weapons as new players will have a much higher start. and it invalidates any 1 or 2 crowns ever found in the drop pool. I would consider granting starting with 1 stars and service 2 to 5 star in drops and unique locations placed here and there for fun to let us Easter hunt. While providing ammo making schematics on the same detail.