Newb question about dying

Newb question here. Yup, we die… fact of life. Love the game, lots of fun setting traps, (some are unrealistic but hey, I play for fun, not realism). Playing on a Series X and a original One

Question is… in single player mode, and I bite the big one I got 2 choices. Adrenaline (if have any) or Abandon. Since I’m usually out of adrenaline I choose Abandon. Now comes the problem. I’m presented with a map to select a respawn point, but no matter what buttons I push, how long I wait, the map just sits there. I have to shut down and restart to go back to the last safe house.

Am I doing something wrong?


Are you selecting a safehouse or a random spot on a map?

anywhere on the map where I die… I figured it out as soon as I finished typing this…

Once you die, you have to hit the 3 line button before the map appears, this lets you select a main menu and you can continue from a safe house. But it has to be done quick, once the map appears only way I found was to close program down and restart.

Could you please post a screenshot of your map-screen after being shot down?

In this screen select any savehouse and press the button to interact with (“X” on PS, jump-button). Then you should get the option to respawn at this location. Press the button again to respawn. That’s it.

Do you want a screenshot of the map or the menu I can bring up?

The more the ones you asked for help can see (regarding your problem) the better the answers you get.

When you choose abandon when you died, you see the select spawn point map. You then have to choose a unlocked safehouse where you want to respawn. The house icons on the map.

Example: I died and I want to respawn at Tokered farm (see map)

Now I click on the house symbol (safehouse Tokerod farm) and you get the “respawn here” option.

You can only respawn in Safehouses.
So it is best to have many safehouses unlocked.


Thank you Gysbert!! It was getting quite frustrating having to exit the game and then restart or go pick up the controller after I threw it across the room :slight_smile: