Newbie questions about clothes & item usage/tactics


Am still newbie to the game.

What is the use/point of crafting clothes?
I got schematics… goto workbench, select a clothing style… then craft. I tried crafting multiples of the same item to see if the bonuses stack. They don’t appear to. I tried to craft the schematic onto another clothing with existing bonus… it says it will remove the existing bonus…

Every bonus clothing only seems to be fixed 1% of something… Does this improve later in the game? ie. find better clothing with 10% bullet resistance, etc.?

I have stocked up many multiples/duplicates of the same items. Is there a way to combine them to make them more powerful? Or should I just recycle them?

If I shoot a runner/dog/robot, then quickly hide… somehow I am still alerted and hunted down. It’s like they know exactly where I am.

How do you use radio/boomboxes effectively? What is the noise range? I find myself creeping up near the robots just to place a radio… which goes off soon… but by the time I get up to try to run away, the spot me. Maybe put a small fuel cell down first… with maybe a mine, then put down radio?


It is very likely that better schematics are added to the game but for now, best what we got are 1* ones that give 1% bonus.

At current time, you can not fuse e.g two 1* handgun silencers to make a 2* handgun silencer. I’d scrap them and collect more resource materials since chances are good that devs add more things to craft, other than just clothing bonuses.

Those are area of effect lures, drawing in nearby machines.

E.g place a red gas can, throw a radio/boombox near it, sprint to the cover, wait until machines get near to it (investigating the noise source) and then snipe the red gas can.

As far as it’s range goes, i haven’t tested it out but boombox did draw military tank to it at around 200m.

If a machine is aggrod to you (shooting at you), it will know your location due to the advanced sensors it has. Machines can see through shrubs/bushes like there weren’t any and some machines can see you even through solid objects (walls). Though, machines mainly locate you by the noise you make, including: movement noise, weapons fire noise (unless using silencer).