Newer story/skill updates


okay so i have seen some streamers on various websites play updates that i have yet to see on my game. I do play on console so i would not be suprised if the update for my version comes last but all of the streamers where on pc and i think they where using an early access build but i have yet to find release dates for these updates. I am not trying to sound like a jerk i love this game and really hop it hits mainstream gaming soon but i would like to know when more updates are coming. Another subject i would like to touch up on is the skill tree. I play through my game solo and (again on console) but i cant have any specializations because i dabbled in every skill tree. I cant unlock and more skills i am capped at level 31 with 548874 E.X.P so i would like to see a cap that lets you unlock every skill. Anyway the devs of generation zero you guys are amazing i love the graphics story (so far) and the whole atmosphere of the game. i hope you guys keep working hard and that this game really flourishes under your guys’ control.


You have been away for a “while” haven´t you?
The new “update” was in June for Pc and late August for XBOX
The update brought the Fnix Rising expansion, and for reasons i don´t understand it wreaks Havoc in consoles, corrupt saves, and lots of crashes.
And if you looked better, you could have read that level 31 is the max level (it sucks I know), but it´s been that way since Launch.
The update brought changes to Farmlands and South Coast, some new melee weapons (weird I know) and the DLC brought new types of missions.
Now if you know of some other “new” update features from Streams, feel free to explain, all I know is what I said.


Have the extremely annoying fog/light conditions in SC been removed on PC/Xbox post update or maybe this is a solely PS4 issue. Never goes to SC anymore…


ive known that level 31 was the max level i would like that to be changed and i play on ps4 so yeah i didnt really check for updates. but i would like ps4 release dates fro updates.


Well I also wanted for the max level to be 40 or 48, don´t count on it.
And the update? in 2 weeks it´s going to make 6 months since the last Update!
And when it comes, expect problems…there are no longer GZ updates without issues.


It was a issue for every platform, the PS4 is the only one that did not get the update.


okay thanks im not super active i just finished the base story and want new content.


Do yourself a favor, save your save data in a USB flash drive.
If the next update brings save corruption as it did for XBOX you will be happy you did what I recommended.


okay yeah i kept crashing and did that a while ago but i will redo my save. thanks fr the feedback