Next Companion: Lynx or Hunter?

Which would you like to see? I have a character who has a Soviet spy thing going on and having a lynx companion would be really cool, but the hunter would be interesting with its humanoid frame and combat abilities.

I would like to see the devs fixing the runner companion AI before they spend a second doing anything else.

Once the AI is working properly, they player could for example hack any of the smaller robots to get the companion they prefer.


Although a hunter would be interesting because of its movement and their weapons, I must agree with Imro.

Why do so many just ask for more if they still got something new (for free)? Where is the satisfaction?

Nevertheless, there came some new and big issues with the recent update that have to be fixed first.
After that, what would you find best? More options for companions or new features or an expanded story? I would vote for second, looking towards a new island, more story, soviet bases and an improved/updated region-system, a revamped skill-system,…

In gaps between those new features of course another option for a companion could be interesting. I would prefer a hunter. They are just cool.

But I would also like an improved runner companion. Why is our companion limited to classical runner weapons? Why can’t he carry a flamethrower, a pvg, a LMG,…

There could be weapon classes to be unlocked. Or what if we could simply attach our weapons on it? Some DLC weapons could get an additional use with more worth for the weapon packs.

We’ll see…


I’m all for Lynxes. I want to be able to ride it into battle like a death-dealing unicycle.

I would like to see the Scout as a Companion not for blowing up things but more of an surveillance, intelligence gathering, and subterfuge. For those stealthy espionage players.

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I want a seeker. I like the beep beep noise.

Although I’m with madchaser. I think we should all be grateful with the runner and not expect more immediately. Give it time. There are plenty of things they need to fix first.

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1 week ago i said people would ask for more.
I was right :rofl:

Lets just make all machines companions and why not have 2 or 3 at a time ?

Actually considering the Runner is a bit fragile, maybe 2 at a time? Double the firepower, double the diversion.


They will provide 2 or 3 at time and people will ask for more…

Yes, why not take over the whole FNIX or Soviet forces and lead a battle… World of GZ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There is a prerequisite of shepherding a community - that’s a long-term and firm game core. Unfortunately, I don’t see this s the case of GZ.

Devs are throwing tons of meat into grinder and hoping they would get a good sausage out, but that’s not how it works…


I can understand that People Would like Companion choices options
Like Lynx or Seeker.

I think a Lynx could be a Pretty good Alternate version of the Runner Companion ^.~
With some other options for Weapons (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Grenada Launcher and Flamethrower)
But with the same package Modules.
and some Unique Sound Modules maybe more Cat like?

Imagine having a Lynx roll up you and making a Digital purring sound XD

I Honestly think a Hunter is to powerful to have as a Companion if you ask me:

  • As it have a Stronger melee attack slash (Cleave) and leap attack.
  • Stronger Ranged weapon: Mashinegun, Flechette Shotgun, Flamethrower.
  • But also Shoulder Mounted Weapon, like a 50-cal Sniper (with explosive Bullets) or Cluster Bomb Launcher.
  • It Is much Tougher then a Runner, even an Apoc Runner is weaker then a Potato Hunter.

It would be like having a 2 head Taller Friend whom deal with “Bug problems” by hand.
But your the Companion pet now… <.<;

But a Seeker on the Other hand or maybe Tick, I could see.

Not a Combat Companion as it is unarmed, but more of an assistant.
as a Dedicated spotter and Maybe even Lure, maybe a Rogue signal.

  • Optics: Gives it the Ability to highlight enemies in proximity in white (No other benefit).
  • (Option) Radar Dish: Increase the chance of Hacking of Machines
    But also highlight Hijacked Machines in Blue while friendly (and slowly starting to pulse when it’s about to time out).
  • (Option) Rogue Signal: Gives a chance when a machine targeting you to instead target a another Fnix Machine and shoot at that instead of you.
    and Decrease your visibility by 10%?.
  • (Option) Portable Field Antenna: Makes other players able to fast travel to it.
  • Boombox: Gives it the Ability to Play Radio/Boombox/Jukebox music on the Go or while in Combat. (probably should have some dance moves)
  • Loudspeaker Lure: Gives the option to chose which Lure power to use, when activated
    (Maybe being able to Carry just Lure devices, or you giving it a Lure and it gets +1 Charge up to a max of maybe 5).

I think it should only be an option made available with Hacking Specialization.
Which means if it’s chosen as Companion, it will replace the Runner/Lynx as your active Companion.

It’s utility should be what Fnix Ticks have been known for:

  • Repair Bot: Makes it able to carry Repair Kits and the ability to Repair Broken Companion Pets and Motorbikes.
  • Lock picking: Gives it the ability to unlock, Lock-pick-able Doors. after a short duration being attached to the Door.
    (or “magically” finds a way inside to open the Door from the inside)
  • Sabotage Pack: Gives it’s a attack a chance to cause EMP on hit (higher chance on smaller machines, less on Bigger), and able to Carry 2? Weights worth of Batteries.

I think it should require the the Engineer specialization.
But be an additional to a Companion Runner/Lynx, as it is fairly weak and more like a tool.
Maybe make it invulnerably but also also ignored by hostile machines?
(as it is seen as a minor-threat, and they won’t be a distraction by it from You.)
And You can already deploy several types of Ticks. that is more deadly to Machines.

Though it would be hilarious, if Mr Tickle, does the final damage to take down a Tank while your reloading your weapon ;p