No apocalypse harvesters

I’m just curious as to why there are no apocalypse harvesters


Because apocalypse machines are combat focused, where as harvesters and seekers are support units! Simple as that, but maybe with the next class of machines we will see harvey and seeker variants :smiley:


I suspect they’re in the workshop. Who knows if/when they’ll escape!


At least there are spawn areas for all types of class D machines marked on that map with all the funny coloured points, iIrc. Have to look it up again though, so don’t nail me on this

Edit: yep, the variables are “scout_d” and “harvester_d” , at least I guess it’s scout.
Another possible name would be “skirmisher” but that fits better to runners, I think.

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If Apo Harveys get released, I hope they’ll be redesigned and reassigned and become a Tank MkII with 2 turreted miniguns or so (not lootable, obviousy) and dual rocket launcher…

Or heavy armoured Tick Carriers…
Since we can’t ever enough have ticks.

I go with @Flick here: everyone speaks for themselves. :wink:


Bah, Specists…
I love the li’ll buggers…
Hell, imma go try breed them.