No Assignment availble after Landfall update

Platform: PC
Description; I have no assignment availble at all?I’ve checked them out everyday the last week and still nothing. This happened after the Landfall update.

Mmh that could be true.
For me there is only one still running (destroy 20 seeker), because it’s one which lasts for a few days.

Maybe they wait for these long lasting assignments to be finished to bring new ones as there is this new fmtel box?
Otherwise it could be a bug.

I Only get that Login to Apex stuff,I’ve tried to login again and again and again (list continues)…and still no assignments… =/.
Not that i really need em,but it’s something to do

Theyll be back in the hotfix. This was stated in the landfall patch notes that a hotfix was being worked on for assignments that werent working, dont know why every assignment was disabled but there will be a reason.

No, they haven’t been disabled, just the service that provides the assignments was stopped.

I image that like a service that randomly picked some assignments from a static list.

As this service seems to get a complete overhaul it needed to be stopped, so there came no new assignments from the static list into the game.

The last possible assignment I had was one to kill 20 seekers. It was (for me) active for about one week after the update.

The new fmtel-box worked as intended. After finishing this assignment the granted ressources were available to collect in the fmtel-box instead of getting them directly into the inventory.
That’s great as there is no risk to accidently get overloaded by finishing an assignment any more.

Is this game abandoned for fixes? most of these issues i see have not been fixed for like 3 years im playing with a friend and my assignments bugged out and now it will ONLY show the character with the cyberpunk crap on i lost all possibility of getting missions when my friend joined my game he can see missions fine… is there no fix for this after 3 years?

Are you connected to your Avalanche Apex Connect Account?

Maybe they currently redo some of the assignments. Can’t check it by myself currently as I’m on vacation.

And btw… They do bugfixing, but some bugs go and others come back sometimes… They’re really busy, as far as I know.